Warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship

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The Warmian-Masursian voivodeship is in the north-east of Poland. It consists of historic lands of Warmia, Masuria and Powiśle. Due to its natural beauty it is regarded as one of the most beautiful Polish regions. The Warmian-Masurian voivodeship is the fourth largest Polish region covering an area of more than 24 thousand square kilometers.


24 173 sq km

-incl. Urban population

1426.2 thousand,


59/ sq km

Main town


Major towns

Elbląg, Ełk, Ostróda, Iława, Giżycko

Special Economic Zones

Warmia and Mazury SEZ
Suwalska SEZ

Investor Assistance Centre










The Warmian-Masurian voivodeship shares the border of 212 km with the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation. To the east the Warmian-Masurian voivodeship borders the Podlaskie voivodeship, To the south – the Masowian voidevodship, to the south-west – the Kuyvian-Pomeranian voivodeship and to the west – the Pomeranian voivodeship.

The Warmian-Masurian voivodeship is the fourth largest region in Poland. Its population density is the lowest in Poland – 59 people per square km (Poland – 122). It is also the most ethnically diverse region. Apart from Poles, there live here Ukrainians (about 80.000 people), Germans (20.000), Roms, and Belarusians. The region has one of the highest birth rates and the highest unemployment rate.

The Warmian-Masurian voivodeship, as one of the least polluted regions, is in the project Polish Green Lungs. The production of healthy food, wood industry, pro-ecological forest management and ecotourism are the main sectors of the region’s market economy. Tire, machinery and equipment manufacturing uses clean industrial technologies and renewable energy sources.

Natural conditions (short period of vegetation, configuration of the terrain and diversity of soils) hamper the agricultural economy and require good equipment. The unit costs of agricultural production are higher. The profitability is lower than in other regions of the country. Almost all farms are private. The area of an average private farm is quite big (about 14 ha). The percentage of farms with an area of more than 20 ha is far above the country average.

Fishery management is very important in the region and it is developing in three directions: the lake, pond and river economy. Marine fishing is conducted in the waters of the Vistula Lagoon.

Warmia and Masuria region is perfect for recreation and tourism. It is called the land of a thousand lakes, but really there are more than two hundred in the region. Primeval forests, landscape parks and nature reserves which take almost 30% of the voivodeship are the wealth of the area.

Gothic castles, churches and palaces perfectly fit into the landscape. From the list of 100 remarkable historical sights, which was prepared by “Rzeczpospolita”, 16 ones are located in Warmia and Masuria. No wonder that the region is visited annually by 5 million tourists, and every fifth visitor comes from a foreign country. The Fields of Grunwald, the ruins of the former Hitler’ lodging in Gierłoż near Kętrzyn and the Museum of Folk Architecture in Olsztynek attract a lot of tourists.

To accelerate economic development in the region the voivodeship has joined the Euroregion Baltic and set up special economic zones: Warmia-Masuria and Suwałki, which became one of its main assets. Michelin and Ikea have invested in the region.

Advantages of the Warmian-Masursian Voivodeship

 - Location at the external Eastern border of European Union with Kaliningrad Oblast in the vicinity of projected
   speedways A1 and Via Baltica
 - Excellent conditions of development for ecological industry branches
 - High potential of farm and farm-and-consuming production
 - Clean environmental and specific culture of Warmia and Masuria region contribute to high potential of tourism and
 - The presence of a few big companies
 - a lot of free investment land

High potential sectors

Food Processing
 - suitable natural conditions: agrarian land – 50,2% of province’s area including ploughing area – 38,6%, meadows – 6%, pastures – 5,5%, gardens – 0,1%

 - variety of soil and configuration of ground

 - minerals used in farming (lacustrine chalk and peat); most of farms belong to private people; an area of an average individual farm is around 16ha, where people grow crops (73,1% of sowing area) and potatoes (2,4%), keep poultry, pigs, cows and horses

 - proper educational-and-research background: wide range of educational places, numerous institutions both experimental and research PAN (National Academy of Science) on the province area, the Centre of Polish Committee of International Milk Federation FIL/IDF, the University Department of Environmental Protection and Inland Fishing, the Institute of Drainage and Green Area in Falenty.

 - The possibility of creating a network, cooperators: the highest percentage of farms of more than 20ha in Poland (14,5%)

 - Suitable natural conditions for fishing: waters take 6% of province’s area, 18,2% of general area of waters in a province, the development of fishing economy in 4 directions: lake, pond, river and sea (the Vistula Lagoon)

 - Firms present in the sector: Group ‘Indykpol’ (Olsztyn), ‘Morliny’ (Ostróda), Meat Factory ‘Mazury’ (Ełk), ‘Ekodrób’ (Iława), Meat Factory ‘Mardi’ (Biskupiec Reszelski)

Wood Processing
 - Proper source basis: forests take 30% of country area – the possibility of getting a lot of material for furniture production

 - The leader as far leaf and coniferous sawn timber is concerned (receiving wood for 100 ha of forest area in the region is 477,2 m3 – the national average scale is 321,4 m3), the leading region in furniture and woodwork export (around 14,3% part of national furniture production)

 - The presence of wood trade: Swedwood – Wielbark, Mazurskie Furniture Trade – Olsztyn, Mazur Comfort – Olsztyn, Mebelplast – Olsztyn, Szynaka Meble – Lubawa, Sklejka Pisz – Pisz, Paged Sklejka – Morąg, Dekort – Smolniki close to Iława

 - The neighbourhood of provinces with huge forest complexes enables cooperation of producers as well as cooperators.

Alternative Energy
 - Educational – research base for the development of sector: the Warmia-Masuria University conveys research over industrial usage of renewable energy – the Centre of Research over Renewable Energy at the Warmia-Masuria University in Olsztyn

 - Favourable natural conditions for growing energetic plants: large area of the province (24 thousand km2) – the fourth place in the size of regions in Poland, very small population of the county (59 people per km2 – the average in the national scale is 122 people per km2)

 - Suitable location conditions for firms: the surface of the province, production possibilities, good location for building factories producing energy

 - Existing Wind Energy Station in Kisielice at the power 40MW used from 2007

 - Natural environment: clean, ecological, with healing powers region belongs to the complex ‘Green Lungs of Poland’

 - Landscapes: 2000 lakes, numerous parks and reservoirs of nature, large forests, architectonic monuments

 - Suitable conditions for doing sports: plenty of sailing routes (channels with lakes make the network of routes 200 km long), sailing between lakes thanks to three canals, a wide network of local centre of winter sports (in winter term water these centres become centres of ice sailing), a great number of studs and riding schools (the best known are in Kadynach and Gałowie)

 - Hotel and gastronomy basis: over 38,2 places in hotels and guest houses, 371 touristic objects of group accommodation, the number of those using hotels is 869 thousand.

Export potential

Lubelska 44d Strret
10-409 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 532-20-89
Fax: (89) 532-20-89
Hydro-Max, founded in 2005, specializes in production of high pressure hydraulic conduits. It also sells hydraulic fasteners, Snap-Tite joints, filters, dividers and hydraulic pumps and feeders.

Giedajty 1B Street
11-042 Jonkowo
Tel.: 601-822-663
Fax: (89) 512-00-88
Stal-Serwis, founded in 2001, provides services in metalworking, cutting by turning, milling, grinding or chiselling. Other services provided are metal hardening, a wide range of locksmith services, metal cutting, shaft and case regeneration, as well as welding, including gas and electric welding of acid-resistant steel and constructions. Stal-Serwis also sells press-formed products and steel constructions.

Lubelska 19 Street
10-406 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 533-13-50
Fax: (89) 533-13-50
Warmel has been operating on the market since 1954 and specializes in manufacturing plas metal household goods. The assortment, designed especially for the kitchen and the bat currently exeeds 240 products. Another area of the firm’s activity is production of packaging of high- transparent PCV and PET hard foils- tubes or boxes of different sizes and shapes.

Inter-Parts Import-Eksport Waldemar Bacławski
Jarzębinowa 4 Street
11-034 Stawiguda
Tel.: (89) 524-92-00
Inter-Parts, established in 1991, specializes in the sale of spare car parts. It offers over 100,000 items at competitive prices.

Gold 2 Street No. 55 lok
10-698 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 758-56-82
Fax: (89) 758-56-83
PORK HANDEL Ltd specializes in import and export of the best quality pig livestock. The export sales cover Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Bulgaria). The company uses means of transport designed for carrying livestock , which comply with the most recent directives of the European Union.

Osińskiego Street 8 / 9
10-011 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 523-57-28
The firm Kompan has been operating since 1993. It manufactures and trades in natural veneers. offers a large selection of veneers from European trees. The annual production amounts to 0.5 m m2 of natural veneers, 60% of which is exported to the Western Europe market. It owns tw commercial warehouses, which are located near Bydgoszcz and in Hajnówka (close to Białystok).

“Abs Naterki” PCL
Naterki 25A
11-036 Gietrzwałd
Tel.: (89) 513-15-60
Fax: (89) 513-15-92
”Abs Naterki” Ltd operates on the West European a hardwood timber, mainly oak, and LHD boards.

Agency of Commerce and Import-Export
Kajki 8 Street
11-200 Bartoszyce
Tel.: (89) 762-29-82
Agencja Handlowa Import-Eksport has in the offer waste materials, transport of aggregate and unloading.

Biogradex-Holding PCL
Robotnicza 55 Street
82-300 Elbląg
Tel.: (55) 239-43-00
Fax: (55) 642-19-09
Biogradex-Holding Ltd was founded in 1989. It operates in the area of environment protection, designing and constructing wastewater treatment plants according to its own ”Biogradex” technology, which uses vacuum condition in the process of wastewater purification. Currently, the Company’s activity covers not only the domestic market, but also the foreign ones (China, South Korea, The USA, Canada, Sweden). New facilities are being built in ”Biogradex” technology, and the existing ones are being modernized.

P.P. Infinity Group PCL
Kołłątaja Street 23
10-034 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 522-91-20
Fax: (89) 523-71-19
P.P.Infinity Group Ltd is one of the largest textile production firms of this type in Europe. The enterprise has been operating since 1993 and has 260 employees. It produces over 1 mln clothing products annually- including exclusive outer garments made of thick fabrics and clothes made of light fabrics. Infinity Group Ltd specializes in manufacturing corporate and uniform outfits.Besides, it produces unique, three-layer, anti-bacterial, non-flammable termoactive underware- Termo Original, which has been used by Military Armies and NATO Special Forces, and in Scandinavia for many years.

Mebelplast JSC
Lubelska 19 Street
10-409 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 537-61-00
Fax: (89) 534-74-03
Mebelplast JSC, established in 1988, has become, over the years, the leading Polish producer and exporter of high quality upholstered furniture. Until 2005, Mebelplast JSC exported approximately 90% of its products mainly to the European Union countries, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, and even Japan. Currently, export represents 65% of the production, whereas 35% are the sales through the network of its own shops. In Poland it operates under the brand name Livingroom by Mebelplast. The Company owns 17 shops and has 11 partner dealershops, which are located in the most attractive parts of major Polish towns.

Meat Processing Plant “ANIMEX JSC
Suwalska 86 Street
19-300 Ełk
Tel.: (87) 610-96-21
Fax: (87) 610-84-69
”Animex ” JSC is the leader on the meat market in Poland with over 50 years of tradition and experience. In addition to the world famous Krakus ham, excellent cured meat products and tinned meat, it is also a producer of raw pork and beef meat, as well as poultry: turkey, chicken and geese. ”Animex” JSC has been the largest Polish meat exporter for years.

Michelin Poland JSC
Leonarda Street 9
10-454 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 539-40-00
Fax: (89) 539-40-90
Michelin Polska JSC is the largest foreign entrepreneur in Olsztyn, specializing in manufacturing tires. Michelin has expanded the Olsztyn plant enormously.In 1996 it launched the biggest in the history of the Olsztyn plant investment programme worth of $ 151 mln. In 2004 a new facility for cord production was built. In 2005 construction of several warehouses worth of EUR 250 mln was started.Thanks to this investment 500 new workers will find employment.All those investment programmes make the Olsztyn plant one of the most modern facilities of the Company. Michelin Poland, with the seat in Olsztyn, has over 4000 employees, and is one of the biggest entities of the Michelin Group in Europe.

Indykpol JSC
Jesienna 3 Street
10-370 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 526-22-22
Indykpol JSC is the major Polish producer of turkey meat and turkey processed goods, having a 25% share in this segment of the market. For several years it has also been the leader of the Capital Group of poultry companies – a domestic organization specializing in breeding and fattening turkey, as well as wholesale and retail sale of turkey meat and turkey processed goods. Indykpol JSC is also the biggest exporter of turkey meat and turkey processed goods. Currently, it places about 30% of its production on the West European market. It has almost 2000 employees.

Refrigerated Olsztyn JSC
Lubelska 33 Street
10-408 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 533-83-58
Fax: (89) 539-13-00
Chłodnia Olsztyn JSC, founded in 1952, has been the oldest and and the largest cold store in Poland. The total capacity of this cold store is 15,000 tonnes, and additionally 5,000 tonnes in the facility in Opole. Apart from refrigeration services, it also produces its own frozen goods and ready-to-make frozen dishes. It offers an assortment of 100 products, which are sold on both the domestic and foreign markets.

Olsztyn Graphic
Towarowa 2 Street
10-417 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 533-42-16
Fax: (89) 533-12-08
OZGraf is one of the largest poligraphic enterprises in Poland with over 50-year-old tradition. The major Polish publishing houses are dominant among its customers, e.g. Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN or Bertelsmann. Books, albums, encyclopaedias and school-books dominate in the structure. A portion of the books printed in OZGraf reaches some foreign countries, such as the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary,Croatia and Germany.

Schwarte Milfor PCL
Aleja Obrońców Tobruku 3A
10-092 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 522-18-02
Schwarte Milfor Ltd is one of the largest European manufacturer of acid-proof containers for the dairy,brewing, spirit, wine and food processing, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Company was established when Milfor Olsztyn was acquired by a German company Schwarte.

Obram PCL
Al. Obrońców Tobruku 7
10-092 Olsztyn
Tel.: (89) 535-32-27
Fax: (89) 535-44-60
Obram Ltd specializes in producing cheese,cottage cheese and fermented beverages automatic lines, as well as other equipment for dairies, distilleries, breweries and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It has 200 employees, including 40 designer engineers. It has its representatives in Russia, Belorus, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Romania.

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