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In Poland there are or there function 30 technological parks at the advanced level of setting up. In total there are 523 institutions and 18 science-and-research departments located in the parks. In total there are 16,5 thousand people employed there.


Voivodship, city


‘Aeropolis’ Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park

Podkarpackie voivodship, Rzeszów

PSTP ‘Aeropolis’ was founded with the aim of raising the region’s economic competitiveness, accelerating the implementation of innovative solutions, and effective financial and intellectual capital management.

“Poland – East” Science and Technology Park

Podlaskie voivodship, Suwałki

The park’s activity focuses on enhancing socio-economic coherence and fostering economic development in the north-eastern part of Poland. The goal is being accomplished by providing business assistance, encouraging the implementation of innovative technologies and facilitating international cooperation.

Kielce Technology Park

Świętokrzyskie voivodship, Kielce

Its main function and purpose is to foster entrepreneurship initiatives among students and academics, promote co-operation on the science-economy level and support business pre-incubation and incubation.

Science and Technology Park in Lublin

Lubelskie voivodship, Lublin

Established in May 2005. Its main aim is to facilitate the development of Lubelskie voivodship through establishing institutionalized platform for dialogue and partnership among universities and business entities.

Regional Industrial Park in Swidnik

Lubelskie voivodship, Świdnik

The park came into being as a result of real estate restructuring of PZL-Świdnik S.A. Most of the immobilities and industrial objects are now in the hands of new business entities.

“Stare Miasto” Industrial Park

“Stare Miasto” Industrial Park

Currently at the initial stage of development. The total area of lands and premises amounts to over 35 ha. It is located in close proximity (45 km) to the international airport. The Park is divided into 11 subzones, including 3 newly-built and well-equipped production halls.

Puławy Production Park

Lubelskie voivodship, Puławy

The park’s activity is mainly centered upon chemical production (e.g. nitrogen fertilizers, melamine, orcaprolactam) on the basis of substances provided by Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A.

Mielec Industrial Park

Podkarpackie voivodship, Mielec

Established in May 2005 after the real estate restructuring of „WSK-PZL” Mielec. Its offer is mostly directed to the investors in aerospace industry and automotive sector, but the park’s potential will also be attractive for other investors interested in innovative solutions.

Zambrów Industrial Park

Podlaskie voivodship, Zambrów

Established in 2006, the park occupies a total area of over 4 ha and is open for investment offers involving advanced technologies in the area of construction industry (woodwork, aluminium and PVC profiles) as well as packaging and paper processing.


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