Investment incentives

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is part of Polish territory which is administered separately, allocated for the running of businesses on preferential terms. The SEZ is a place which is subject to special treatment and tax exemptions where an entrepreneur can establish a business on a specially prepared site and run it without paying income tax.

If a company decides to invest in one of the SEZ’s, the income which it receives from business carried out on its terrain will be exempt from income tax (CIT - from legal persons or PIT – on physical persons, depending on the legal form used to run the business).

In an SEZ the entrepreneur can obtain the following privileges
 - tax exemption (CIT or PIT)
 - a site fully prepared for development by the investor at a competitive price
 - free assistance in dealing with formalities in connection with the investment
 - exemption from property tax (on the territory of certain gminas)

Exemption from income tax granted in the SEZ is regarded as publicly funded regional aid, which serves to speed up the development of the most poorly developed EU regions; by supporting new investments and creating new workplaces linked to these new investments.

New investment
Investment in fixed stock and also intangible or legal costs, involved with the formation of anew or the expansion of an existing business, the diversification of a firm’s production or the introduction of new additional products, or in the fundamental change of a complete production process of an existing business. The acquisition of an existing business which is in receivership or would have been wound up, if it had not been acquired by a new and independent investor - is also deemed a new investment.
The creation of new jobs in connection with new investments
The net growth in jobs of a given enterprise in connection with the realisation of a new investment, is in relation to the average employment in the firm, during the 12 months prior to the day that acceptance was granted.

New employees are those employed after the day on which acceptance of the new investment is granted, however, no later than three years from that time. The number of employees are those employed full time, together with those employed part time and also seasonal workers, calculated on a full time basis.

The permission to operate in SEZ:
The administrative-legal basis for being able to receive public assistance in a SEZ, is permission to set up a business in the SEZ, which is granted by the SEZ board.

The permitted level of regional aid available to the entrepreneur is dependant on:
 - location of the investment
 - level of capital input, or
 - costs of employing new workers
 - and also, the size of the business seeking tax relief

The right of access to tax exemptions under the terms of a new investment in an SEZ, may be granted to an entrepreneur, on condition that:

1. there can be no transfer of any kind in the ownership of fixed assets, which are connected to investment expenditure –
  for a period of 5 years from the date of their entry into the inventory of fixed assets and intangible or legal expenses,
  according to the provisions on income tax, in the case of small and medium sized businesses for a period of  3 years;
2. the business will be conducted for a period of no less than 5 years, whilst in the case of small and medium sized
   businesses no less than 3 years;
3. new workplaces will be maintained for no less than 5 years, 3 years in the case of small and medium sized

Special Economic Zones are organized in such a way so that they could be a flywheel of local economies. They will exist in present shape until 2020 offering entrepreneurs numerous tax, investment and infrastructure incentives depended on the type of their enterprise. Expenditure made by investor...

Program for the support of investments of considerable importance for Polish economy

In Poland there are or there function 30 technological parks at the advanced level of setting up. In total there are 523 institutions and 18 science-and-research departments located in the parks. In total there are 16,5 thousand people employed there.

Investors that are already present on the Polish market, or just entering it, can count on excellent conditions for investment and also gain direct support. Apart from investment incentives provided through Gmina (local authority) councils and various forms of aid, e.g. within the Special Econom...

Regional Grant Aid (2007 – 2013)

Investment incentives in gminas (municipalities) - real estate tax exemption

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