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Food sector is one of the greatest strengths of Macroregion Eastern Poland. There is as much as 32% of agriculture lands in this part of the country, which creates perfect conditions for the development of food industry. The region’s agrarian character and low contamination of environment are important issues to support ecological agrarian production. In order to develop such initiatives in Lubelszczyzna a new project “Valley of Ecological Food” has been started.

In voivodeships: Podlaskie, Warmian and Masurian, Lublin, Świętokrzyskie and Subcarpathian there are many well-known companies at the market which were awarded different prizes. They often present their products at international, national and regional fairs.

Companies from the eastern region have been awarded many times for the high quality of products. At the end of 2010 Food Market Prizes were presented during the 3rd Forum of Food Market in Warsaw (the competition was organized by and magazine Food Market). In ‘Innovation of Market’ category the prize was awarded to Herbapol Lublin Joint Stock Company for its energetic drink Green Up. In 2009 in the same contest in ‘Market Leader’ category the winner was meat processing plant Łmeat from Łuków. In ‘Product of the Year’ category two companies were awarded: Stock Polska for Żołądkowa Gorzka de Lux and WSP Społem Kielce for Kielecki Mayonnaise. During Social Market Forum for the first time Stock was titled “Good product – the choice of experts” for Żołądkowa in the amount of sold products.

Many of our companies were also awarded Pearls of the Market FMCG 2010. The prizes were received by: Mlekpol from Grajew for Straccitella Mrągowska Buttermilk (Straccitella Mrągowska Maślanka), Vanilla Serek Pyszny (Delicious Vanilla Cheese), Cream Processed Cheese (Serek topiony Kremowy), Gouda with spices and Cranberry Drinking Yoghurt Milko; Nestlé Waters Polska for Nałęczowianka produced in Nałęczów near Lublin; OSM Piątnica for Cottage Cheese with probiotic and natural Your Flavour (Twój Smak); Herbapol for black tea Herbapol and Slim Figura Age tea.

There are many contests of that type and the list of achievements of our companies is long.

Eastern Poland has many well known and successful food industry makes. Dairy and meat sub-sector is strategic.

Mlekpol from Grajew in Podlaskie voivodeship is the biggest producer of dairy in Poland. It’s been awarded many times, especially Łaciate milk was titled as “Hit FMCG 2010’ and won the prize Superbrand Poland 2010. MLEKPOL took the first place in the 4th Ranking of Dairy Plants during the 8th Forum “ Polish dairy plants in the EU – chances and threats” in Augustów. It was also prized as the Master of Business, the prize for ethic business. Many products were prized as Peals of the Market FMCG 2010.

Mlekowita is the second biggest milk processing plant in Poland, placed in Wysokie Mazowieckie in Podlaskie Voivodeship. In the regional ranking of companies socially responsible of the monthly FORBES the company won the first place and Regional Forbes CSR Awards. At the 19th Dairy Produce Fairs Mleko-Expo it became the laureate in the ranking The Best and Biggest Dairy Plants and the Biggest Exporters; at the fairs POLAGRA FOOD 2010 it received as many as three gold medals and the statue of Acanthus Aureus. It became the laureate and received The Gold Coats of Arms in the contest the Highest Quality International 2010 in the category QI product which is a product of the highest quality. During Polish Business Club Meeting Mlekowita was recognized as “the Company of the Twenties 1990-2010”.

Indykpol S.A. (Joint Stock Company) is the biggest producer of meat and poultry products in Poland. As a company socially responsible it was awarded Regional Forbes Corporate Social Responsibility Award, and in Business Pulse (Puls Biznesu) “the Pillars of Polish Economy” it took the second place. The plant also received the Statue of St. Jackob, the accomplishment of the president of Olsztyn.

Meat processing plant Łmeat Łuków S. A. from Lublin voivodeship has the certificate “Pearl of Polish Economy”, the prize of Leader of consumption market and the title ‘Distinguished Exporter of 2009’. In the ranking of meat processing plants Agro Trends the company took the second place as the Leader of Meat Branch of big companies.

Companies from Eastern Poland often present their high quality products abroad. Last year twenty companies from eastern region took part in the prestigious Global Food Marketplace SIAL in Paris. In January eight companies from Eastern Poland presented themselves at Grüne Woche in Berlin, which is the most important and the biggest meeting of producers and food engineers from all over the world. Polish presentation was titled “Poland … schmeckt! – Poland’s yummy!’. Entrepreneurs from the region participated also in the 18th International Exposition ‘PROD-EXPO 2011’ in Moscow. The Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investment is going to organize a business trip to the Salon de Gourmets Fairs in April in Madrid; to PLMA’s World of Private Label in Amsterdam in May; to the Global Food Marketplace SIAL 2011 in Shanghai also in May; and Food Fairs ANGUA 2011 in Colonia in October.

We will inform you about further successes of Eastern Poland’s food sector on our portal.

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