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Business Process Outsourcing. In the ranking of investment attractiveness Ernst & Young of 2010 Central Europe region took the second place after China as the most attractive region as far as abroad investments already realized in 2009 are concerned. The perspective of the coming three years shows that Central Poland region will be the third most attractive region after China and India; what is more Poland will be the biggest receiver of all foreign investments. The leading sectors of investment in Central Europe are to be modern services based on IT which means Business Process Outsourcing. Such centres work perfectly in Cracow and Warsaw already. Only thirty per cent of them were set up by the Polish capital, the rest being foreign investments mostly of companies from the USA, Germany and France. The sector that dominates is the consulting and financial-and-bank IT.

In Eastern Poland the sector BPO is developing, but such cities as Białystok or Lublin arouse more and more interest because of the policy of companies which diversify costs , policy, employment and threats connected with infrastructure. The perfect example is the Indian firm BPO Genpac which has opened its second service centre in Lublin, mainly financial and accountant one. The decisive factors were: perfect workers’ preparation, the help of the local authorities and the investment help within European funds.

The development potential of BPO in Central Poland from the view of Poland
The biggest plus of Eastern Poland in BPO development is perfect education of potential workers. There are almost 275 thousands students in 53 high schools. Every year around 64,9 thousand students graduate from high schools, out of which 48,1 thousands from technical schools. In BPO those who are needed are mostly computer engineers, finances experts, accountants and administrators, and such specialists are educated at the universities of the five biggest provinces of Eastern Poland. What is more, there is an increase in learning foreign languages most of all English, and then German and Russian and even much more original languages such as Finnish and Arabic.

The development forecasts for sector BPO in Poland and Eastern Poland
Financial crisis enforced Poland’s position at the market BPO mostly thanks to the interest in outsourcing of accountant and staff-and-payment processes. Our market is still not nourished and is specially attractive for UE companies. Most recently we can expect an increase by 15-20% annually. Companies want to launch new computer technologies and look for savings. What will be developing dynamically is the outsourcing of such sectors as FMCG, finances, telecommunication and energy technology.

It is also important that since 2009 Poland has been not only the place for booking and accounting invoices but also the place for the realization of the most advanced business processes based on expert knowledge and experience of Polish workers of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).

What can be expected is that the centres BPO will move from big cities to smaller ones located in Eastern Poland which have many investment advantages.

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