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Polish website is an element of the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland campaign.
The contentof this websiteis intended for general information only.


Due to legal alterations, market situation, and electronic communication hazards the included information may be invalid or incomplete. Before taking any action based on the information included on the website it is required to ask for a competent advice. The information included on the website is not an equivalent of such an advice.


PAIiIZ, its employees, and its partners (companies and other institutional entities) do not bear any responsibility under any circumstances, and to anyone neither for possible mistakes and omissions, nor any possible actions based on the information included on the website, nor for the results of using the information, nor for decisions based on them, nor for any damage resulting from these decisions or actions even in the event of receiving and sharing warnings about the possible damage.


This website allows to be directly transferred to other websites created and maintained by third parties over whom PAIiIZ has no control, and does not bear any responsibility for their actions which moreover are not a subject of PAIiZ’s concern.



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