With a mission in Ireland. Outsourcing being a hope for the Eastern Poland

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Taking notice of the potential of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), representatives of the local government units from the voivodeship of the eastern Poland will go to the European networking forum for shared services and outsourcing. It is the BPO sector which is the most popular one with the investors served by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) that is an organiser of the trip and an implementer of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.

From 12th May to 15th May the 14th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week is taking place in Dublin. It is a networking forum for shared services and outsourcing as well as financial, IT and HR auctions. This year, within the scope of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, one representative of the local government unit from each voivodeship of the Eastern Poland will participate in the forum. They will have an opportunity to present their investment offer related to widely understood sector of the BPO.

– Conference in Dublin is on the list of the promotional events of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programmefor the year 2014. Participation in this event is a response to the petition of representatives of cities-capitals from the Eastern Poland who discern significant investment potential in the BPO sector. We hope this will result in new contracts and in the future – investments – says Bożena Czaja, a member of the Board of PAIiIZ S.A. 

The organisers of the 14th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week anticipate over 500 participants, both from the European and Asian countries, Canada or the USA as well as  countries of Latin America, Middle East or North Africa.  The speakers include, among others, representatives of the largest global brands such as Ken Segall (frm. Creative Director) Apple, Niall O’Sullivan (Group Head, Finance Operations) Vodafone, George Connell (VP Strategy, Finance Operations) Shell as well as representatives of Kellogg Company, Marks&Spencer, Nissan Europe and many others. 

The BPO sector is the most rapidly growing one in Poland. Moreover, it is the most popular sector with the investors serviced by PAIiIZ. It is the BPO sector within which we have been able to complete 32 projects valued at 22.85 m EUR. Some of them involved the Easter Poland. Each project means new jobs. Our market is still unsaturated with huge potential. The Eastern Poland is in many ways attractive for investors from the modern business services sector, even more so when one takes into consideration the growing trend to locate such facilities in towns that are smaller but with their own academic centres - says Bożena Czaja from PAIiIZ S.A. 

The potential of the Polish BPO sector is confirmed by numerous studies and reports. Colliers International has published The Rising Star of the BPO Sector in Poland in 2013 which features 10 towns and cities of the Eastern Poland. BPOland Potential and Prospects report shows that Poland is the most popular market for the BPO sector investors in Central and Eastern Europe. As far as the rate of new jobs creation and the development of already existing projects in the area of BPO Poland begins do outgrow the sector’s market leader – India.  

The authorities of the local government units from the Eastern Poland identify the opportunity for development of their provinces in the modern business services. Specific towns and cities of the Easter Poland Macroregion are trying to outdo one another in underscoring their advantages which could attract the BPO sector investors to their locations. Above all, they point to qualified staff, low labour costs, low office space rental rates as well as the development of modern infrastructure and  office space.

According to the data presented by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, there are as many as 35 companies from the BPO sector operating in the Eastern Poland. They are located, among others, in Kielce, Białystok, Olsztyn, Rzeszów, Elbląg or Lublin with the highest number of them. In Lublin, among others, Orange has located  its customer service centre. Also here, an Indian giant from the outsourcing sector, Genpact, offers services for its global clients.  

Participation of the representatives of the local government units from the Eastern Poland in the 14th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week will allow to present the offers of particular regions as well as acquire knowledge and familiarize with the new trends in the sector that will be useful while creating the next investment offers connected with the BPO sector.   

The trip has been financed with the funds of the European Union Regional Development Fund as part of the implementation of Operational Programme Development of Easter Poland Measure 1.4, Component Promotion and Priorities of Development of Easter Poland Operational Programme.

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