Why didn't you invest in Eastern Poland? The key question of the Eastern Poland media campaign

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The Eastern Poland promotional campaign is being launched. Eastern Poland Macroregion consists of 5 voivodships: Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie, and Podkarpackie – they are, from potential investors’ point of view, new and attractive areas located in European Union.

Eastern PolandEconomic Promotion Programme was established to increase the interest of foreign investors and to accelerate social and economic development and business tourism development of the macroregion. It has been realized by Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) for two years within the scope of I.4 Operational Program. PAIiIZ has obtained 86 mln PLN for the project, which is to be spent by 2015 on actions promoting, among others, strategic sectors of Eastern Poland.

The main objectives of Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme include: an increase in the foreign direct investment inflow into the Macroregion, making Polish companies interested in investments in Eastern Poland, boosting product and services export from Eastern Poland, and business tourism development. The most important directions for promotional activities are European Union countries, the USA, Russia, China, Korea, India, and the Persian Gulf countries. The following sectors are strategic in Eastern Poland: food, wood, furniture, BPO, yachting, aviation, chemicals, machines, renewable energy, and business tourism. 

So far, in two years of the project operation, 81 promotion - exhibition events have been organized (mainly trade fairs and missions), resulting in 100 contracts already implemented and more to be realized. Thanks to the program activities, 21 investments have been allocated in Eastern Poland since 2009, creating 3500 new jobs.

Promotional activities also resulted in the increased awareness of investors and changing the Macroregion’s perception – the percentage of respondents associating Eastern Poland with the economic Macroregion has grown. There was a slight increase in the percentage of people who see Eastern Poland as an attractive place to do business (from 27% to 29%), and a significant increase of people who perceive the Macroregion as a definitely attractive investment area (from 4% to 14%). 29% of the respondents considers it attractive.

Another marketing action taken by PAIiIZ, apart from activities within the scope of direct promotion and preparing publications and promotional materials, is the beginning of international media campaign for Eastern Poland which encourages to set up businesses in the area of the Macroregion. The media campaign is mainly directed at presidents of multinational companies, opinion leaders, and international consulting companies which provide their services to foreign investors.

11 proposals, concerning the contest to prepare Eastern Poland promotional campaign strategy, have been registered. The jury members assessed 6 works signed with the secret code, and chose the Demo Effective Launching company offer which got the highest possible note. The total cost of design, set and campaign implementation schedule, is 298,000 PLN gross.

Jacek Sadowski from the winning Demo Effective Launching Agency, the co-author of the advertising spots strategy and design, says:

We have created a campaign which was made to draw the attention to Eastern Poland Region and the website: www.whyeasternpoland.eu which presents a full Eastern Poland’s offer. To gain this effect, we had to talk about the region in a different way – each country, each region praises their beautiful landscapes, modern infrastructure, famous sportsmen, artists, politicians. We wanted to draw a direct attention of potential investors, to make them think of Eastern Poland as a place of opportunities and a new European Union investment territory. What is unique in our advertising spots? The formula, contents minimum, and emotions.

The spot’s producers ask a potential investor one question uttered by a child, father-in-law, and a psychoanalyst: What will you say when your child asks: Why didn’t you invest in Eastern Poland? Sadowski says: The question is meant to suggest that there is an exceptional opportunity for a good deal, company development, winning new markets. The question asked this way leaves a positive undertone – it suggests that it is not too late, you can still do it. You can still benefit from investing in Eastern Poland.

The spot was shot in 2 shooting days, with the TPS studio team participation. It was prepared by 35 people. The camera operator was Mariusz Palej, a director and operator, and the set design was prepared by Elwira Pluta.

Another „Macroregion” movie, also prepared by Demo Effective Launching and produced by TPS studio, by an operator-director team of: Tomasz Matuszczak and Kuba Kijowski, was made in 8 shooting days with the participation of 200 people. The shooting took place, among others, in: Bieszczady Mountains, Zamość, Lublin, Mielec, Białystok and in Masuria region. They were realized, among others, at helicopters’ factory in Mielec, BRW furniture factory, and also at a timber mill, and a boatyard. It is worth noting that Robert Owcarz, the president of Leopard Automobil himself, took part in the shots using Leopard car produced in Mielec and turned out to be a talented actor. The crew drove over 2,500 km while documenting and shooting the movie. 

Tomasz Pijanowski, the spots producer said: We would like to thankthe artists, the whole team and representatives of local governments and factories where the shooting took place. The cooperation with Demo Effective Launching Agency was a great support and help for us. PAIiIZ, which was not only our client, but also a partner, also contributed, to a large extent, to the final effect.

TPS studio participated in the tender for the project realization with 6 other filming studios which placed offers from 756,434.00 PLN gross to 2,320,837,00 PLN gross. The offer by TPS was the most favorable in financial terms..

Nina Kowalewska-Motlik, the president of New Communicatons, sasy: The spots used in the Eastern Poland advertising campaign are intelligent, light and funny, they easily draw audience’s attention, and even surprise them. Moreover, they are innovative and very different from other spots encouraging investment, so far broadcasted by the international media. The convention of a teaser in this particular example is a very effective impulse which excites and arouses curiosity to check what stands behind this attractive spot. I am sure that those who will watch the spot will want to get to know more about Eastern Poland.

The following videos have been created as part of the campaign: two 30 seconds long advertising videos (Polish and English versions), one 15 sec, two 8 sec (Internet use), and one 120 sec.

Contact for press:
Testa Communications
Katarzyna Tyska

mob. 509 267 501

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