Underwear from Eastern Poland conquers Paris

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Companies from Eastern Poland have been sweeping the Polish and western markets for many years with their high quality underclothing. Successive development of the underwear industry resulted in new job places and a significant assortment extension. Recently, underwear manufacturers from Podlasie Region presented their products at „Salon International de la Lingerie” (SIL) trade fair in Paris.

Looking for economic niche, companies from Eastern Poland, particularly from Podlaskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodships, focused on textile industry development, precisely on underwear industry. Regarded as the textile capital of Poland, now Łódź has a particularly strong competitor - the city of Białystok which agglomerates a number of prosperous underwear manufacturers.Elżbieta Kacała from Podlachia Lingerie Cluster says: Białystokhas its tradition in textile industry, so it is not a coincidence that so many underwear manufacturers operate in this region.Most of them are companies with family tradition which have been operating in the Polish market for several years now.During that time, each of the companies has grown, which made it possible to create new jobs.

Taking advantage of the underwear manufacturers' density in Eastern Poland, the companies join together to promote their products and develop the whole industry.Elżbieta Kacała adds: Podlachia Lingerie Cluster associates the biggest manufacturing companies from Podlasie Region.Despite the competition, companies cooperate together, which is beneficial - working alone they would certainly not have the power they have together.A lot of them benefit from EU funds individually, which helps them to implement innovations in manufacturing and develop the company but, thanks to the operations of PAIiIZ S.A., they also have the opportunity to present their products together at the most prestigious trade fairs in the world.

As part of the advertising campaign for Eastern Poland Macroregion organized by Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), the manufacturers have the chance to develop their companies thanks to participation in trade fairs and away missions.It is there that they present their products and make new contacts, expanding potential customers markets.At the end of January, underwear form Eastern Poland was presented in Paris at the most important trade event in the world:  „Salon International de la Lingerie” trade fair.PiotrMarcinikfrom Expose Beauty says: It is the second time we have taken part in trade fairs organized by PAIiIZ S.A. and we are very happy about it.Trade fairs are of great importance to us, as it is there that we meet our foreign customers and together we can work out the details of our cooperation.During this year's edition we have also acquired a lot of new customers who we begin to cooperate with, and this is the driving force for us.  We know that our underwear designs are unique, and this is supported by the growing base of regular customers who would be a lot harder to acquire but for the trade fairs and direct meetings.

Anna Krasoń, Project Manager in PAIiIZ S.A. says: Our underwear manufacturers are exceptionally involved and prepare to the fairs reliably; they invite their regular customers, bring a lot of designs and have wonderful catalogues in English. It is often the case that one company additionally brings 3-4 representatives,and all of them are busy talking to customers simultaneously.

Just like before, also this year the joint stand of Eastern Poland underwear manufacturers attracted a lot of interest, which is pointed out by the exhibitors.Kinga Lesisz, the President of "Kinga" says: Everything at the event went in accordance with the programme.The organization of the stand was very good; you can easily say the best so far.The stand was highly popular and we are satisfied with the results.Anna Krasoń (PAIiIZ S.A.), the organizer of the trip, has a similar opinion: I am really glad that this year we managed to prepare a high-class stand in black and silver colors, with huge pictures of underwear designs by each of the companies.We received a lot of compliments, not only from visiting customers, but also from foreign journalists.The number of visitors at the stand was consistently high; the majority of them were of course customers from France, rench-speaking countries and EU countries, but there were also quite a lot of Russians and traders from Asia (Japan, South Korea, Former Russian Republics), USA and the Middle East. Regardless of the economic situation, Paris is still considered the capital of fashion, and the trade fairs in Port de Versaille are visited by people from all over the world.

The underwear manufactured in Eastern Poland is mainly exported, not only to European markets, but also to the Arab world, New Zealand or Japan.Hence the big diversity of the assortment, from lingerie (corset manufacturing: bras and knickers) and men's underwear, cotton underwear, sleepwear, to underwear for special occasions (wedding and erotic).

Each year, the main attraction of „Salon International de la Lingerie” fair are professional underwear shows prepared by the fair organizers.Anna Krasoń from PAIiIZ S.A. says: During the shows, each of our exhibitors had a chance to present one of their designs. During the 3 days of trade fair, a couple of thousand visitors watched these shows.Each year, there are more and more brands taking part in them, which shows how prestigious they are; besides that, they also have a direct marketing influence.  A lot of customers decide to visit our stand and see the brand designs precisely because of the design they have seen at the show earlier.Summing up, according to the companies, investing in regular exhibiting their products at Paris trade fair certainly pays off.Distributors who only visited the stand and looked at the assortment in the past, now often come back with contracts.

The following brands (among others) presented themselves at the joint stand of Eastern Poland at „Salon Interantiona de la Lingerie” in Paris: Gracya, Expose Beauty, Vena, MAT, Gorteks, Axami, GAIA, Tessoro, Kinga, Meva Fashion, Fabio and Miss Fabio, AVA.

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