UAE and Sweden – an opportunity for new sales markets for Eastern Poland

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The call for applications from companies based in Eastern Poland to participate in food fairs SIAL ME in the United Arab Emirates and in subcontracting fairs ELMIA in Sweden is ongoing. The visit is organised as part of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme. The companies will have a chance to exhibit their products and services at the most important trade events.

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A. (PAIiIZ) called for applications to co-fund the participation in the fairs of the food as well as metal and machinery sector for enterprises operating in Eastern Poland. The companies from the food sector, interested in entering new markets, can exhibit their products at one of the most important trade fairs, SIAL MIDDLE EAST 2014 in Abu Dhabi (UAE). The fairs will be held on 24-26 November. Twenty enterprises can take part in the trip.

- The food sector is the most crucial economic branch of Eastern Poland. Since the beginning of the operation of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme we have attempted to provide entrepreneurs with possibly best conditions for concluding new contracts and expanding their sales markets. Many of our beneficiaries have already been exporting their products into Arab and Asian markets; others are just starting off. In the current geopolitical situation it is particularly important to seek new contractors for the industry outside of Europe, and SIAL ME makes a perfect opportunity for that – says Monika Piątkowska, a Member of the Management Board of PAIiIZ S.A.

Companies from the machinery and metal sector can benefit from participating in the fairs ELMIA SUBCONTRACTORS 2014, to be held on 11-14 November in Jönköping (Sweden). This trip may also be attended by 20 companies from the five Eastern Poland voivodeships:Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie.

Entrepreneurs from Eastern Poland who are interested in taking part in SIAL MIDDLE EAST and ELMIA SUBCONTRACTORS 2014 can submit their applications until September 3.For detailed information regarding recruitment, please go to:, “nabory” (recruitment) tab and to:

The trip is organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A. as part of the “Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme” and financed with the means from the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013, Measure I.4. Promotion and Cooperation, Promotion component, pursuant to the agreement concluded between the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A. on the co-funding of the project no. POPW.01.04.01-00-001/09.

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