Support for five regions with The Eastern Poland Macroregion Promotion Programme

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The next stage of the Eastern Poland promotional campaign has begun. Eastern Poland Macroregion consists of 5 voivodships: Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie, and Podkarpackie – they are, from potential investors' point of view, new and attractive areas located in European Union.

Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Project, which has been realized for 2 years by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) as part of 1.4 Development of Eastern Poland Operational Programme, is to increase economic competitiveness and the attractiveness of the area. It promotes five Eastern Poland voivodships and is the first project of this kind which involves all of the Macroregion’s voivodships simultaneously, and presents the economic potential of the area in a coherent way.

PAIiIZ obtained 86 million PLN for the project, which will have been spent on the promotion of strategic sectors in Eastern Poland by 2015. 81 exhibition - promotion events were organized (37 trade fairs, 31 away missions, 4 home missions, 2 study visits for local government representatives, 4 economic forums, 3 conferences abroad) as part of the “Eastern Poland” activities, withover thousand entrepreneurs and over three hundred local government representatives taking part in them.

The main objectives of the Programme are to attract foreign investors with the economic offer of Eastern Poland and to increase its social and economic growth. Entrepreneurs are currently realizing 100 contracts and new contracts are being negotiated. The most popular export commodities are: yachts, small airplanes, food, underclothing, and furniture.   

The priority task of the Programme is to increase the social and economic growth of Eastern Poland according to the sustainable development principle. The main objectives of the Project, which will be realized in the next 4 years (until 2015), include, in particular: the increase of foreign direct investment inflow into the Macroregion, arousing Polish companies interested in investments in Eastern Poland, boosting goods and services export from Eastern Poland, and business tourism development in the Macroregion.

The Program is a part of PAIiIZ’s statutory activity which is the economic promotion of Poland and its regions, including the Eastern Poland’s voivodships. Agnieszka Wojnarowska, The head of PAIiIZ Regional Development Department says: So far, we have organized over 80 investment and economic missions and trade fair events. Over 100 entrepreneurs and over 300 local government representatives participated in these events, and the entrepreneurs declared establishing 100 contracts, and more being currently negotiated. The companies state that they would not have been able to establish those contacts without our help, and 60 percent say that only thanks to the Programme, were they so successful. These three years of promotional activities are also visible in 21 investments in the Macroregion, which created 3,500 new jobs. 

Numerous projects, serving to increase the foreign direct investment inflow to the Macroregion, so far realized by PAIiZ, were strengthened by the activities and projects within the scope of the Programme. We see a growing investors’ interest in these voivodships: in October, Eastern Poland’s voivodships will be visited by Koreans – this is an effect of our visits there, and, hopefully, Saudi-Arabian business representatives – AgnieszkaWojnarowskaadds .Now another year of promotional activities is ahead, and in October we are going to present a list of promotional events for the next year. Certainly, each of the 12 priority sectors will have an opportunity to present their potential. 

The Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme consists of two components: image promotion and direct promotion. Eastern Poland’s image promotion started with promotion and information events on the regional and national level, with the participation of the representatives of regional and country authorities, and artistic communities. Direct marketing is based on messages targeting potential investors and importers, via an individual, interactive contact (missions, trade fairs, seminars, forums).  Direct marketing activities are the most significant element of Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, thanks to the possibility to precisely match the investment and export offers, or obtain potentially greater interest in offers addressed to individual customers or a small group of investors.

Another marketing action taken by PAIiIZ, apart from activities concerning direct promotion, is the beginning of international media campaign for Eastern Poland which encourages establishing new businesses in the Macroregion. Media campaign is mainly directed at presidents of multinational companies, opinion leaders, and international consulting companies which provide services to foreign investors. Two advertising spots have been prepared as part of the Programme so far, with different length and in two language versions: Polish and English. Gradually, they appear on the Internet, arousing interest among marketing editors and business services. The videos, reaching ever-wider circles – from entrepreneurs to foreign investors - implement the main objectives of the campaign.

Contact for press:
Testa Communications
Dominika Wrzesińska, Senior PR Manager
mob. 500 195 816

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