Greatest strength of Macro-region – food industry

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Food products from the Podlaskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie Voivodships are famous for their high quality and well established position not only in the Polish market, but also abroad. Between January 2010 and February 2013, companies from that sector signed 269 contracts, for the total amount of PLN 110,988,521.94.

Thanks to the programme being implemented by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PI&FI), many companies from the Macro-region have an opportunity to present their offers at international fairs on a regular basis.

The growth of the food sector in Eastern Poland is evidenced first and foremost by figures. According to a survey conducted by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Food Sector companies that participated in promotion and exhibition events organized under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme signed 269 contracts for the total amount of PLN 110,988,521.94 between January 2010 and February 2013.

– The food sector is Eastern Poland’s strongest sector, which is why we focus our actions just on it. Moreover, food products are a rewarding subject for promoting a country or a region. The  companies participating in our project offer, among others, dairy products (cheeses, powdered milk), meat products (cold meats and meat preserves), fruit and vegetable preserves (jams, conserves, ketchups, mustards), deep-frozen foods, pastas, mayonnaise, alcoholic beverages (meads, cordials, beers)– says Monika Gąsiorowska, Head of the PI&FIA Office  for Implementation of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme. 

The rich offer of food industry companies from Eastern Poland raises widespread interest among foreign investors. – Food products from the Macro-region are well received. Produced in a European Union state, they provide high quality standards at an attractive price. This is our competitive advantage. Besides, European products are fashionable in Asia and in North America countries – emphasises Monika Gąsiorowska,  Head of the PI&FIA Office  for Implementation of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme. 

Representatives of the companies participating in the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme are satisfied with the effects of cooperation with PI&FI, too. – The programme provides significant support for our business activities. We’ve established new contacts, acquired new business partners. We’ve got acquainted with the mentality, requirements and expectations of potential customers from African and Asian countries. We’ve had an opportunity to meet our present business partners – says Halina Łupińska from the Dairy Cooperative in Łapy.

Besides big dairy or meat production plants, which are the greatest strength of Eastern Poland’s food sector, the Economic Promotion Programme also provides development opportunities to small and medium enterprises, often family-owned, which manufacture food products at a somewhat smaller scale.

– We’ve been cooperating with PI&FIA since 2010. Thanks to our participation in missions and fairs, we acquired a few foreign customers quite important for our company that we cooperate with on a regular basis. Were it not for this project, our growth over the last years would have been lower. After participation in the fairs, our exports grew by 4%, and sales by 6% – says Robert Kowalkowski, owner of the Lubawa Vegetable and Fruit Processing Plant.

For companies, participation in missions and fairs is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the newest trends, as well as a source of inspiration for their development.– The trips and observation of foreign markets have given rise to ideas of new products, such as: conserves and jams with no sugar added, or ecological products, which are so fashionable nowadays – adds Robert Kowalkowski.

The food sector companies that have signed contracts due to the  Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programmeinclude, among others, Lactima, Vegetable and Fruit Processing Plant Robert Kowalkowski, Dairy Cooperative in Łapy, P.W. MAT Marzena Tkaczuk (manufacturer of sweets)  and MATEO Trading and Service Company Stanisław Cabaj (manufacturer of deep-frozen foods).

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