Global Business represented on the 3rd Eastern Poland Business Forum

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On 10-11 June Kielce was hosting the 3rd Eastern Poland Business Forum organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A. This year, the Forum’s subject was “European crisis, Polish opportunities. Time for new directions, new ideas – time for Eastern Poland”. The forum was visited by twenty foreign businessmen, mostly from the United Arab Emirates.

Along with entrepreneurs representing foreign companies from, among others, Dubai, France, India, Japan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Korea and USA, the Forum was also attended by Polish entrepreneurs, representatives of institutions, business world, and entities interested in investments and establishing economic cooperation with the region as well as representatives of local governments from Eastern Poland.

Guests participating in the visit had the chance to familiarise with the Macroregion’s offer and meet representatives of numerous industries from Eastern Poland. They were particularly interested in the presentations prepared by Activtek and Polbu Sp. z o.o., which has recently become the sole distributor of dry ice cleaning technology offered by Eolis Sp. z o.o., and presentations in the Kielce Technology Park and the Regional Centre for Technology and Science. 

“I find the participation in the business Forum in Kielce a very interesting experience. I was particularly interested in the discussions that concerned perspectives for the region’s further development and planned investments, above all innovativeness aspect and funding matters. I think that the contacts established during the Forum in Kielce will become the prelude to further discussions on specific subjects concerning, among others, winning new suppliers for IKEA and planning new investment projects” – says Ewa Kott-Radecka Project Leader from IKEA Trading Services Sp. z o.o.

The Forum has become a platform for sharing experience and presenting Eastern Poland’s economic potential.

“My stay in Kielce and on the Forum was full of interesting events. Presentations in the Kielce Technology Park and the Regional Centre for Technology and Science were truly impressive. So far, we haven’t collaborated with any companies from the region however after the visit I believe that it may be the direction for us to work on” –says Andrea Colo, Sales Manager from the Dubai World Central.

Institutions that already cooperate with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A. say that the stay was a perfect opportunity to refresh the contacts and extend the scope of cooperation between the countries.

“During the visit I met people representing several industries in Eastern Poland. We talked about possible cooperation and I would like to stay in contact. We are interested in strengthening the collaboration between India and Poland, particularly in biotechnology, engineering, manufacturing industry and new technologies” – says Navita Myer, Deputy Director – International Affairs (Europe) from the International Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

“During the visit we met with representatives of companies that plan to extend their activity to the Middle East. We are particularly interested in the companies that offer legal services, business consulting, represent manufacturing industry and trade. We are already preparing a strategy of promoting Polish and Middle Eastern markets. I believe that Eastern Poland is a perfect direction for developing business. We will recommend the region to our potential investors as an ideal place for companies seeking European head office location” – says Ayub Ahmed, Investment Director from the CIG Business Services.

The visitors represented Polish and foreign institutions and companies, such as: PBG Polish Business Group UAE, RAB Managements Consultants, Annual Investment Meeting, CIG Business Services, Dubai World Central, Arab Business Club, Le Club PPP, International Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Mefcom Capital Martkets LTD. Ernst & Young, GMAX Co., Ltd, NSK Consultants, IKEA Trading Services Sp. z o.o., New Communications, C&C Partners Telecom Sp. z o.o. and Majlis Partners.

In addition, the visit paid by the guests from foreign companies and institutions was accompanied by a study visit organised for correspondents and journalists. Invited by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A., journalists from the United Arab Emirates and the People’s Republic of China representing Emarat Al Youm and Arabian Business, and Xinhua News Agency Warsaw Bureau visited Eastern Poland on 10-14 June.

The 3rd Eastern Poland Business Forum is organised under Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.

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