Exhibitors from Eastern Poland spotted on CeBIT 2013

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Thirteen ICT businesses sharing one Eastern Poland exhibition stand recognised their participation in CeBIT 2013 as successful. Using the show to present their achievements and solutions, the businessmen confirmed potential and efficiency of Eastern Poland Macroregion.

- CeBIT 2013 was an excellent event. We had the opportunity to present Eastern Poland as an important future market to the international public, and after numerous conversations and first orders received, we hope to continue developing the contacts after the show is over – explains Monika Gąsiorowska from Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ). Similar appraisals were also heard by the exhibitors from Eastern Poland during conversations with clients and interested parties: - This is our first time at CeBIT and we came to Hannover with high hopes. We are very happy that results so far exceeded our expectations – says Bart Maślanka from Enformatic Sp. z o.o. The company successfully presented a new software for cameras that offers different solutions, e.g. detection of false money or cancer cells recognition. Another company - SIM Ltd. also had more than few interesting and productive conversations – We won a new client from South Africa – Paweł Piotrowicz from Lublin-based company is pleased. SIM presented call recording system µComprec. Directed mainly at uniformed services and security companies, this innovative product is currently used by all airports in Poland and Greece.

Company’s presentation and trainings

Mariusz Prószyński believes CeBIT gives him the opportunity to present his company, acquire information, and meet and monitor the competition. – It’s important to come to the show regularly – emphasises Prószyński, Vice President of Intratel. – We have presented Cloud solution for SME and startups, and our products enjoyed positive reviews. The reason that our products manage to positively stand out is the fact that even a person without any experience can easily install them within 2 hours – adds Prószyński.   

Partner Country Poland and the great opening

Having ended on 9 March, CeBIT proved to be the most important world’s technological show, owing part of its success to 150 Polish exhibitors, who used it to present their achievements to as many as 230 thousand visitors. During 5 days of trade show, the focus was on innovative products, industry trends and the latest research achievements. Partner Country Poland was represented professionally on all four platforms – CeBIT pro, gov, lab and life.   

ICT in Eastern Poland

Among the factors that attract international IT enterprises to Poland are available and highly qualified employees, programmers succeeding in many international contests:  ImagineCup, Code Jam, and Central European Programming Contest (CEPC). It results in development of ICT industry and new jobs. During 2010-2013 only, PAIiIZ supported 23 IT and ICT projects worth ca. 27 million EUR, and now it supports 9 projects valued at 274 million EUR. PAIiIZ is also managing R&D projects, often connected with development of computer applications. It is estimated that the sector will create 1500 new jobs in the nearest future.

Innovative platform i Think Tank CeBIT

Trends and current issues, solutions and new products – CeBIT is the world’s leading high-tech event sending important signals to digital economy, public administration and all interested in ICT technology. Over 4 000 enterprises from 70 countries participated in CeBIT 2013.  

Shared stand – a part of Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme

Participation of Eastern Poland Macroregion enterprises in CeBIT fair trades was part of Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme completed under Priority I of the Operational Programme ‘Development of Eastern Poland’, Measure I.4, Component Promotion. Companies that participated in the fair trades: CORAB, Enformatic, E-STUDIO SOFTWARE, Fabryka e-biznesu, IDEOPOLIS, Infinite, INFOVER, Intratel, ITM, NETTOM, Partners in Progress, SIM Ltd., Teledirect.


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