Exclusive and with passion – that’s all from Eastern Poland

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Eastern Poland means not only attractive areas for tourists, but also a place where exclusive products are developed with passion, including yachts or Leopard car, which successfully compete on global markets.

The Eastern Poland Macroregion comprises five voivodships: Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie. It can boast of such aspects as attractive location for investors near the border of European Union, well-educated inhabitants and low labour costs. This is also a place where many industrial branches develop, e.g. food or furniture industry, but also aviation, yacht or automobile industry. It is here where many exclusive products are manufactured, products which are ever more successful in entering foreign markets, which may be confirmed by a Mielec-based company Leopard Automobile. This is a project which has been created for many decades by Zbysław Szwaj, Alf Naslund and Maksymilian Szwaj.

The company is engaged in research and development operation, as a result of which many practical solutions are applied in global production of vehicles under other makes. However, the most recognisable product is Leopard Roadster, a sports car with ageless profile which speeds up to 100 km/h in 4 seconds.  It has been exhibited and enjoyed great interest during many events, e.g. in Paris, Geneva and Dubai. In 2011, owing to the cooperation with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), the Leopard car was shown on the Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai (AIM), where its looks was appreciated by the Prince and Princess of Dubai themselves. Interestingly, the visit also resulted in talks with representatives of Masdar Project (a fully automatic city in the United Arab Emirates) regarding cooperation in terms of electric vehicles. A year later, also with the support of the PAIiIZ, representatives of the Leopard company participated in the government delegation visiting Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Leopold enjoyed huge interest, which consequently led to establishment of new business contacts.

A yacht shipyard Balt-Yacht, based in Augustów, is another company operating for many years with a considerable success on the international market of exclusive products. The history of building boats and yachts in the family of the company’s owner dates back yet to the pre-war period, whereas the shipyard established in 1990 was the first private shipyard in the north-eastern Poland, after the political system transformation in our country. Today, this is one of the five largest factories of this kind in Poland. It manufactures sailing boats and motorboats made of polyester and glass laminates. Balt-Yacht employs more than 160 people, while production takes place in production halls having the floor area of approx. 7000 m2. – Current production capacity is about 1,500 boats a year, but it is still increasing owing to expansion and modernisation of the plant  - says Izabela Saczko-Chilicka from Balt-Yacht. She emphasises that from the very start Balt-Yacht is involved in mass production of yachts made of polyester and glass laminates, intended chiefly for exports to demanding foreign customers. At present, Brunswick Marine in EMEA INC. is the main client. Balt-Yacht manufactures large series of QUICKSILVER motor yachts for them. In addition, the shipyard produces its own, popular models of boats.

Nevertheless, the most interesting product is SunCamper 30 houseboat. – This yacht combines the most desirable features sought after by clients. It is well-designed, economical, safe, functional, modern and offered at an affordable price. In Poland it was awarded with the YACHT OF THE YEAR 2011 title and received many very positive opinions – emphasises Izabela Saczko-Chilicka. The sale of several dozens of such boats since 2011 proves that SunCamper 30 boat is very popular both on the Polish and foreign market. – In the 2012/2013 season, the number of persons willing to purchase the boat exceeded our production capacity. As much as 2/3 of production is intended for exports, e.g. to such demanding markets as Germany, Estonia, Finland or Denmark – says Izabela Saczko-Chilicka and announces that in 2014 the company intends to place new models on the market, including houseboats.

In search for new business partners and clients, Balt-Yacht also cooperates with the PAIiIZ. It has resulted in the participation in this year’s AIM congress in Dubai and International Boat and Yacht Show Boot Düsseldorf 2013.

Owing to the support under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, a common stand for 13 companies was organised during the above-mentioned event held in Düsseldorf. Among the companies there was for instance the Northman shipyard from Węgorzewo. This is another company making products with real passion. During a dozen or so years of operation it has managed to transform from a small family business into a professional shipyard manufacturing yachts which are appreciated not only in Europe, but also in the most distant corners of the year, e.g. in South America, Japan, Africa or Siberia.

Experience in the industry, constant improvement of technologies and use of state-of-the-art tools,
as well as attitude oriented at meeting customer expectations have all contributed to the fact that the group of satisfied customers is far beyond our wildest dreams –
says Jakub Grzeszuk from the Northman shipyard. At first the shipyard was able to produce several boats a year, whereas now the production capacity reaches more than hundred boats. The number of employees has increased from several to more than 80 people. A cooperative and professional team has been formed, which ensures the highest quality of manufactured products and execution of non-standards projects.  

On the other hand, production of own models of sailing yachts of the Maxus series and motor yachts of the Nexus series is developed.  – Made by a designer widely-recognised in the sailing milieu, they enjoy high popularity among the most demanding sailors. They gain numerous awards, but also meet strict EU standards – says Jakub Grzeszuk. Maxus 24 is a bestseller designed by Jacek Daszkiewicz. This is the second boat introduced to production at the Northman shipyard. The main objective was to reach a compromise between nautical values and housing conditions. Considering the number of very positive publications in specialist press, including foreign press, the objective has been achieved. – So far we have manufactured around 300 boats called Maxus 24. This is a boat well-known on the foreign market. It is characterised by very good nautics, interior design and spaciousness and – owing to the width of 2.55 m – ease in transportation – explains Jakub Grzeszuk.

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