Dynamic Development of Metal and Machinery Sector in Eastern Poland

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The dynamically developing metal and machinery sector is yet another industry that brings significant successes to the Eastern Poland Macro-region. Though the development of these sectors depends on other industry areas, systematic production growth and an increasing number of new jobs are noted here.

The so-called metal sector covers metal-based manufacturing of, among others, tanks, various structures and their elements, tools and construction materials. The industry is best developed in two Voivodships of the  Eastern Poland Macro-region: Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie. Also the machinery sector has found the best conditions for development in the  Podkarpackie Voivodship.  The machinery produced there serves first and foremost food and agricultural industries.


According to the analyses conducted by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PI&FIA), the metal sector is characterized by high investment potential. Up to now, the greatest interest in the region has been mainly shown by German and US companies. The competitive advantage of the region following from high labour force skills, low wage rates and moderate real property prices will keep attracting more and more foreign entrepreneurs – similarly as the Macro-region’s location near the borders of both EU states and former USSR member states. Favourable economic  forecasts are also confirmed by the development of the regional communication network. The situation in the machinery sector is similar – the gigantic markets beyond the eastern border of the European Union  can absorb virtually unlimited quantities of products from that sector.

The Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme being implemented by  PI&FIAhas contributed in a decisive way to the success of the Macro-region’s metal and machinery industry.

 – The events that have resulted in signing 20 contracts for the total amount of PLN 11,637,218.5 include: a mission to China, Hannover Messe, ILA Berlin Air Show, Airtec, MIDEST, a mission to Shanghai.  This is the data collected based on surveys carried out among the entrepreneurs participating in the EPEPP – says Monika Gąsiorowska, Head of the PI&FIAOffice for Implementation of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme. 

– Up to now, the main directions of export sales have been: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and the Benelux countries. In addition, our company cooperates with customers from outside of the EU, from the so-called Eastern markets: Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Thanks to the  Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, we have participated in a study visit of journalists representing Ukrainian, German and Scandinavian media – saydJakub Gróbarczyk – Sales Director at SERWISTAL.

The analyses conducted by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency show that we can expect an increasingly big growth of these two sectors. Thanks to the planned investments in the voivodships of the Eastern Poland Macro-region, both the sectors should note production growth. As a result, we should see a considerable growth of the metal and machinery sector.

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