Companies from Eastern Poland to attend the world’s oldest air show in Berlin

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From 19 to 22 May enterprises from Eastern Poland operating in the aviation sector will take part in the economic mission regarding the ILA Berlin Air Show. Visitors of the show will have a chance to see airplanes, technical novelties, air shows or use flight simulators. Eastern Poland is the biggest aviation industry area in our country. So far, owing to the participation in the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme companies operating in the sector declared having concluded contracts worth more than PLN 128m.

ILA Berlin Air Show is one of the oldest and biggest events in the aviation industry in the world, held every two years. In 2012, more than 1,243 exhibitors from all over the world took part in the show, which was visited by nearly 230 thousand people. It is at the show where new technologies applied in aviation have their debuts. This year’s edition of the fairs will also be attended by representatives of the aviation industry from Eastern Poland, manufacturers and service companies, such as Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze, Thoni Alutec, Parasnake, Zakłady Metalowe ERKO, Waldrex, Norbert Polska, Macur, Fin and Royal-Star.

The history of Eastern Poland’s aviation sector dates back more than hundred years and it comprises more than 90% of the national production in this domain. For many years we have been able to observe a significant expansion of the aviation industry, in particular in the Podkarpackie and Lubelskie voivodship. New research centres, scientific facilities, developed infrastructure, favourable location, but also tax and investment incentives contribute to the growth of the sector.

When searching new investment opportunities, as well as technological solutions, enterprises from Eastern Poland, representing the aviation industry, take active part in missions and fairs organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme. Owing to the cooperation, aviation companies declared having concluded contracts worth more than PLN 128m. It was the aviation industry that has reported the largest values of contracts among all the sectors taking part in the Programme and represents an attractive investment offer.

- The aviation sector is a domain of Eastern Poland. We could not miss the most important industry fairs, ILA Berlin Air Show. Companies from Eastern Poland will participate in fair days intended for professionals and people related to the aviation industry.We hope that this will help us establish new contacts, as well as attract potential investors – says Bożena Czaja, a member of the Management Board of PAIiIZ.

In order to increase competitiveness and develop new technologies in aviation, the Aviation Valley has been established in the Podkarpackie voivodship and comprises more than 100 entities operating in the aviation sector. The Aviation Valley is involved in active cooperation with academic centres, carries out research and develops new technologies to strengthen the role of Southern and Eastern Poland as one of the leading European regions of the aviation industry.

For more detailed investment offer related to the aviation industry, see and

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