Aviation opportunity for Eastern Poland

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The Eastern Poland Macroregion is the national centre of aviation industry. The largest production plants operating in this sector are based there. Moreover, there are many smaller companies which successfully enter foreign markets. Owing to the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, companies from the aviation sector have concluded contracts of total value of as much as PLN 125.5 million.

Aviation industry in Eastern Poland, having the tradition of more than one hundred years, accounts for more than 90% production in this domain. Aviation has perfect scientific and training facilities here, while investment is driven by central location in Europe, along main communication routes, as well as business and tax incentives.

The largest share of this potential is concentrated in the Podkarpackie voivodship.In this region, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the Rzeszów Technical University educates specialists, while a well-located international airport allows for fast communication.In 2003, the AVIATION VALLEY Association of the Aerospace Industry Entrepreneurs was founded. Currently it has more than one hundred members:entrepreneurs, research centres and training facilities.

One of the members of the Aviation Valley is Royal-Star Aero from Dębica.On a daily basis the company is involved in manufacture of cooling devices and subassemblies, such as cooling aggregates, ice water aggregates, heating and ventilation devices or air-conditioning and ventilation units.The company’s owner – Krzysztof Pawełek – an enthusiast of aviation, decided to have the company operating on the market also as an aviation training centre.

For nearly 10 years Royal-Star Aero has been a prosperous training centre, educating both pilots and aircraft mechanics.The company has more ambitious plans of entering foreign markets, in cooperation with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.As a result, the enterprise based in the Podkarpacie region was mentioned many times during the AEROSPACE fair in Japan, AIM meeting of investors in Dubai, ILA air show in Berlin or AEROMART aviation sector missions in Canada.– The company has presented itself as a modern and dynamic enterprise, giving its customers perfect opportunities of education and development – emphasise representatives of Royal-Star Aero.

One of the effects of this cooperation is establishment of contacts with EmiratesTraining College from Dubai, the largest and most prestigious training centre for pilots and cabin crew.– Royal Star Aero strongly corresponds to the scope of services which may become an alternative for cooperation with Emirates AirLines in the future – claim representatives of Royal-Star Aero.

In the face of the above, data concerning the effectiveness of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme seems interesting.For the purposes of the effectiveness evaluation, 300 companies representing different industries, e.g. food, lingerie and aerospace, taking part in promotional and exhibition events, such as fair, were asked to fill in a special survey.The survey was completed by 148 entrepreneurs who declared having concluded contracts of total value reaching almost PLN 300 million.It turned out that aviation industry is a leader in terms of value of concluded contracts.As demonstrated by 14 surveys, 12 contracts of total value of as much asPLN 125.5 million were concluded.This is the result of participation in such events asILA Berlin Air Show which was attended by 19 companies from Eastern Poland as part of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.

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