The studio visit of the self-government units representatives from Eastern Poland lasted from 24th to 28th September 2012. The visit was organized by PAIiIZ (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency) within Promotion, Development of Eastern Poland Operational Programme.

The group of 10 entrepreneurs representing machine and metal sector from Eastern Poland participated in the economic mission to France.

Within the mission entrepreneurs participated in 16th edition of international food fair Vietfood & Beverage lasting from 13th to 16th September 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly named Saigon). Vietfood & Beverage it is the leading market and exhibition event in the region orientated to food ...

From the initiative of Polish Ministry of Economics and Polish Information and Foreign Investments Agency during this year’s edition of the fair ILA Berlin Air Show were presented the major Poland’s accomplishments in aviation and space science.

Promotional campaign of Eastern Poland is to be launched. In Polish and foreign media the spots and print ads in a series of “Why didn’t you invest in Eastern Poland” will appear.

During the 39th edition of the International Furniture Fair in Ostróda, at the stand arranged by PAIiIZ, 20 companies from Eastern Poland Macroregion presented their products and the potential of all furniture sector in Macroregion.

For the second time producers and underwear distributors from Eastern Poland presented their trade offer at the common regional stand during the world largest lingerie trade show Mode City held in Paris from 7th to 9th July 2012.

Find out why it is worth to invest in Eastern Poland

  • Why here?

    Economic attractiveness of Eastern Poland’s regions depends on industry activity, service activity and technological advancement. Common advantages for the whole Macroregion of... więcej

  • New investment areas

    Perfect location for exporters, special investment incentives, one of the lowest labor costs, one of the most rapidly developing regions in Poland – that’s the briefest descrip... więcej

  • Specialization in sectors

    Because of very good geographical location at the border of European Union, Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia and also because of experience and long-term cultural and business c... więcej

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