Towards Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia

15 April 2015
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Polish companies are accompanying the governmental delegation to South - Eastern Asia headed by deputy minister of economy Grażyna Henclewska. During conferences entitled „Made in Poland”, trade fairs and B2B meetings Polish business representing food, mining and cosmetics sector are getting new business counterparts in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. The mission of Polish companies has been arranged by PAIiIZ.

Vietnam is the first stage of the governmental mission. This year Poland and Vietnam celebrates the 65th anniversary of diplomatic cooperation between the two countries. On 14 April, delegation from Poland promoted Polish economy and the export offer during the „Made In Poland - cooperation opportunities for Vietnamese companies” conference that gathered 120 Vietnamese companies and officials. Under governmental's wing also B2B talks were held between Polish and Vietnamese companies. Both sides had the opportunity to initiate business cooperation or to continue the already started business negotiations.

“Polish companies are very active in looking for new export markets. They have much to offer and they know how to attract Vietnamese companies”, said deputy minister of economy Grażyna Henclewska. The majority of Polish companies participating in the mission represent the food sector. Among them there are: dairy, sweet, meet and bear producers as well as importers of Vietnamese coffee to Poland. Also the representatives of mining sector that is considered as the strategic are of Polish - Vietnamese business cooperation is present at the mission.

Participants of the Polish section at Vietnam EXPO in the presence of deputy minister of economy Grażyna Henclewska ( Source: Ministry of Economy)

To make entering to Vietnamese market much easier for Polish companies, a networking session with local experts and staff of Trade and Investment Promotion Department of Polish Embassy in Vietnam was arranged. Companies from Poland were also invited to a study visit focused on the presentation on local market trade opportunities.

On 15 April, the whole delegation took part in the Vietnam Expo trade fair opened jointly by representatives of Vietnamese government and deputy minister Grażyna Henclewska. Polish business presented their offer there at the National Stand.

During the following days the delegation from Poland will visit Indonesia and Malaysia to take part in next “Made in Poland” conferences and promote Polish enterprise during B2B talks and trade fairs.

The mission of Polish business to Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia has been arranged by PAIiIZ and co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Operation Programme Eastern Poland Regional Development Found, submeasure I.4. (PAIiIZ)

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