The well-known athlete Bartłomiej Marszałek will promote Podlaskie voivodeship

11 April 2014
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Bartłomiej Marszałek is continuing the family sporting tradition of the Marszałek family. He is the only and the first Pole competing in the elite class of motorboat F1H2O.

The youngathlete is successful all over the world, and the discipline he is involved in is gaining new fans all over the world and is as spectacular and popular as the traditional formula racing. On 30 March an agreement was signed between the voivodeship marshal Jaroslaw Dworzański and athlete, pursuant to which Bartłomiej Marszałek will promote Podlaskie during sporting events.

Cooperationwith the driver of the motorboat Formula 1 is part of the tourism promotion campaign of Podlaskie Voivodeship through sport. As explained by Jacek Piorunek, Board Member of the Podlasie Voivodeship, the agreement with Bartłomiej Marszałek was signed within the project."Podlasie - the eternal need for nature" („Podlaskie – odwieczna potrzeba natury”) financed by the Regional Operational Programme of podlaskie voivodeship, Priority III. Development of tourism and culture, Measure 3.1 Development of tourist attractiveness of the region. The agreement focuses on the implementation of an image campaign through sports during events and projects listed in the agreement. The contract amounts to EUR 200 thousand gross.

-When we decided to collaborate with Bartłomiej Marszałek we took into account the huge successes in the field, and the specific nature of the discipline – it is a very basic and spectacular sport - said Marshal Jarosław Dworzański. In the background of this decision is Augustow, Lake Necko and shipyards located in the Podlasie region. We hope that your success will promote our region - said the marshal.

The contract worthPLN 200,000 includes promotions of the region through participation in powerboat world-class championships and meetings to promote motorboat sport. In 2014, the voivodeship will be promoted during the most elite motorboat races in the world by posting logos of the voivodeship as the sponsor during the event and interviews. Under the agreement, the logo will appear on a boat, on the outfit of the athlete and on his website. The entire brand of team Marszałek will be adapted to the colours of the region.

-Thank you for this initiative, in Poland I am all alone and dependent on the people who help me. I am glad that the Podlaskie voivodeship joins this group - said Bartłomiej Marszałek. Podlasie is in my heart, because my motor-boating adventure began in Augustów. The region is a very important place on the map of my professional sporting career, I spend most of my time here, I train and test boats here. Hopefully this support will be the start of something new. I would like to popularise motorboat sport among young people, maybe I will become the incentive or motivation for creating structures enabling young people to train in Augustów. Or maybe an educational program spreading knowledge about powerboating will be developed. This sport is becoming increasingly popular all over the world – it is distributed to 300 million customers via satellite TV. Hundreds of thousands of fans come to each event. This year, I will take part in competitions all over the world, among others in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Italy, France. Qatar and China.

Previously,similar support from the voivodeship was given to marathon runner Piotr Kurylo and Ślepsk Suwałki club. Soon more athletes should sign similar contracts.


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