The Eastern Poland - the real Europe

13 May 2015
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In the very centre of Milan, in Principe di Savolia hotel, under the EXPO 2015, representatives of five Eastern Poland provinces presented their promotional and investment offers. The conference Promoting Easten Poland moderated by Commissioner General of Polish Section at EXPO Sławomir Majman took place on 13 May.

Five regions of the Easter Poland: Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie, Lubelskie and Podkarpackie have shifted towards a strict economic specializations. Lublin attracts BSS centres, Kielce have created school of design, while Rzeszow is famous for its Aviation Valley. During the conference marshals of the Eastern Poland provinces talked about the competitive advantages of their regions. As stressed by deputy marshal of Podlaskie province Maciej Żywno, the Eastern Poland is a starting point of the EU not the end of the Union’s area. It is also the place where the biggest Swedish investition - Ikea decide to locate its production. Metal michinery sector, one of the leading Polish industry is a speciality of Świętokrzyskie province. Deputy Marshal of the Warmia - Mazury Jacek Protas added that the Masurian Lake District, has focused on new smart economic sectors: water managment, high-quality organic food and furniture sector. The Podkarpackie is the place of Polish modern aviation origins. “We prepare specialist of the aviation sectors as pilots or engineers”, he said. The Aviation Valley has been established there in 2003. Today, it consists of 120 companies and hires nearly 23,000 employees. About 90% of the whole aviation prodution of Poland is located there.

Presentation of the Macro-region competitive advantages

“Macro-region of the Eastern Poland is the real Europe, Europe which doesn’t forget how to develop”, commented Commissioner General Polish Section at EXPO 2015 in Milan Sławomir Majman. “Eastern Poland means a youth and qualified employees”. This Macro-region is the place where 70 universities are located”, he added.

This is why, the Eastern Poland has become an area of strategic state intervention, added undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development Iwona Wendel. “We would like to finance the most innovative industrial and science projects and develop consortia to implement those projets”, Wendel said.

What is the image of this innovative Macroregion?  It is shaped by enterprising people active in such innovation hubs as Lublin Technology and Science Park. New solutions in renewable energy, world’s bestseller Zortrax 3D printer or the artificial bone project - those are just few inventions created in the Eastern Poland mentioned by Tomasz Małecki, Lublin Techno Park president. He also added the Park has its own venture capital to support investments.

During the conference, representatives of Italian company Ferrero that has been operating in Poland for two decades presented their experience. According to Małgorzata Szleszyńska from Ferrero, the company biggest plant is located in Poland. “Today, the capacity of the factory in Bełsk is constantly growing and products made there are sent to over 70 countries. Due to that Ferrero is one of the biggest confectionery produces in the market. We are very proud of the staff and the factory in Poland”, she said.

Chef Karol Okrasa during the culinary presentation

Alicja Węgorzewska in "Diva for rent" opera

The Eastern Poland promotion conference ended with the opera monodrama “Diva for rent” , played by mezzo-soprano singer Alicja Węgorzewska-Whiskerd. The play was directed by Jerzy Bończak, choreography by Emil Wesołowski while the scenoghrapy was prepared by Rafał Olbiński. One would also have the opportunity to take part in the exposition of Olbiński’s paintings and opera posters. The artist has cooperated with such top class operas as: New York City Opera, Utah Opera, Pacific Opera San Francisco, Philadelphia Opera, as well as with the opera in Warsaw and Wrocław.

During the Eastern Poland Week all visitors of the Polish Pavilion will have the opportunity to see the presentation of the innovative products and projects made in the Macro-region. Among them there are VitaGenum – medical device, Milo Solutions that helps to manager a restaurant. Visitors will also see the Poland’s longest bike route located in the Eastern Poland or custom bikes made by Adrian Łucejko. Aviation enthusiasts should expect a unique fly simulator that enables to conduct an air combat by two participants. Gimbala drone camera devices will be also presented there.

The Eastern Poland Week at EXPO 2015 in Milan has been arranged by PAIiIZ under the Eastern Poland Promotion Programme co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Operation Programme Eastern Poland Regional Development Found, submeasure I.4. (PAIiIZ)

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