The Aviation Valley creates new jobs

24 September 2013
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MTU will employ 250 new employees by 2020. PZL Mielec and Hispano Suiza in Sędziszów Małopolski are also planning to hire new personnel.

Aviation industry is going through a revival. Several renowned companies from the Podkarpacka Aviation Valley, such as WSK PZL Rzeszów S.A. and Goodrich are planning to increase the employment.

MTU Aero Engines Poland is expanding its facility in Jasionka
In June, MTU’s management in Munich decided to expand the facility functioning in the neighborhood of the airport in Jasionka near Rzeszów. Owing to the expansion, the facility will increase the area occupied, adding a new 9,200-square-meter building. The expansion will also mean growth of employment. Some 250 new jobs will be created by 2020. At the moment, MTU has a workforce of about 500 employees. It is planned that the new buildings will house the shop floors where the production of engine parts and components for V2500 will be performed. They are currently replacing older models on the market. The facility will also beef up R&D Department employing 40 engineers.

 The Aviation Valley – Podkarpacie’s showcase
The Aviation Valley Association was launched in Rzeszów 10 years ago. At the beginning, it associated only 8 companies. Today, it brings together more than 100 small, medium and large size companies representing aviation industry. The founders of the Aviation Valley, and they include heads of the biggest companies in the south-eastern Poland, made an attempt to evaluate their strengths. They quickly realised that there were so many of them. And, it is no surprise, since the aviation industry in Podkarpacie has started more than 70 years ago. Here, 90% of the Polish aviation production is manufactured. Rzeszów Technical University has an Aviation Faculty and a unique Aviation Training Centre that offers its graduates a diploma in engineering along with the pilot’s licence. Rzeszów airport has the second longest runway in Poland. Finally, here, all the biggest aviation companies are located. Following privatisation, WSK Rzeszów has been modernised, which cost several million dollars. The facility assembled all engines for the Polish F-16s, currently it manufactures engine components for the most renowned aviation companies around the world.  


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