Summing up the 25 years of FDI in Poland

13 May 2014
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One of the CEE’s biggest and most important economic event - the European Economic Congress in Katowice has just begun. For the three next days, the main city of the Śląsk province becomes the centre of economic, politics and business events. PAIiIZ co-organises the panel disusion of 25 years of FDI in Poland.

On 8 May, a panel discussion entitled “25 years of foreign investments in Poland” has been held at the EEC. PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman moderating the panel summed up this period together with panel’s participants asking them about the experiences of Poland and their CEE neighbours in encouraging foreign investments. As Mr Majman said, all Polish governments during the period respected the policy of open doors for foreign capital. Acceleration of FDI inflow to Poland started with accession to the OECD in 1996, than it strengthened due to joining NATO in 1999 and the EU in 2004, noticed the panelists.
Panelists also look at the challenges that Poland will face with soon. In the first quarter of 2014, PAIiIZ has supported 17 investment projects. “If there is no economic turmoil or nothing dramatic happens – personally I don’t believe it such scenario – the current year should be even better then the previous one in terms of the value of the investments”, said Mr Majman.

“The Agency has already pump up the creation of new jobs in Poland, that is why I don’t except that this year the number of new jobs will not be such impressive as in 2013, however there should be a noticeable growth of new jobs, argued PAIiIZ president. Among the successfully completed investments the majority comes form BPO/BSS sector.

The discussion on the impact of the FDI inflow on Polish economy and the importance of Special Economic Zones in attracting foreign investors were moderated by PAIiIZ Foreign Investments Department director Iwona Chojnowska – Haponik. Last year the government extended the date of operation of SEZs by 2026. That is a clear signal of both Polish and foreign investors to the further development of their business activity in Poland. Due to the regulatory, companies operating under zones can expect public support and various kinds of investment incentives.

“25 years of foreign investments in Poland” panel has been arranged by PAIiIZ as a part of the 6 th European Economic Congress in Katowice. The Agency is the official partner of the congress.


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