Study visit of journalists to Świętokrzyskie and Lubelskie Voivodeships

9 June 2014
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Between 2 and 5 June, journalists from the United Arab Emirates, the People’s Republic of China, Hungary, Romania and Latvia visited the Eastern Poland Macroregion on the invitation of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.

During the June study visit the journalists learned not only about investment opportunities of the visited regions, but also about its tourist attractions.On the first day, they visited the Kielce Technology Park situated on the territory of the “Starachowice” Special Economic Zone.The visitors were welcomed by the director of the park – Szymon Mazurkiewicz, who presented the benefits for potential investors interested in taking up activity in the zone.The guests very attentively listened to the speech of a representative of ActiveTek company – producer and distributor of innovative air treatment devices based on the world’s only Active RCI Technology.A presentation was also delivered by a representative of AMPScompany that specialises in designing, production and implementation of prepaid systems for settlement of utility bills.

On the second day the journalists took part in lectures and panel discussions during the 4th Eastern Poland Business Forum in Kielce.The opening speeches were delivered by Ms. Bożena Czaja, Vice-President of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, host of the Forum, and Mr. Adam Jarubas – Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.In the evening the representatives of regional authorities, economic experts, the media and business world attended a gala dinner in Binkowski Hotel, Kielce.

On 4 June the journalists visited the Lublin City Hall, where they met with the representatives of local authorities.During the meeting Ms. Katarzyna Mieczkowska-Czerniak, Deputy Mayor of Lublin, discussed the investment and cultural values of the voivodeships.

Another item on the agenda was a visit to the ABM Greiffenbergerfactory.There the guests welcomed by Robert Bronisz, director of the Polish plant and Robert Lackermeier, CEO of ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH, learned about the production capacities of the Lublin factory specialising in the manufacture of electric drive systems.The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Lublin City Office and Office of the Marshal, as well as Ms. Teresa Orczykowska, representing the Lublin Subzone of the EURO-PARK Mielec Special Economic Zone.The discussions during the meeting covered planning of investments in Eastern Poland with particular consideration of the visited region.The guests were interested in the possibilities of setting-up companies in Poland and how to benefit from the privileges offered by the Zones.

Another item on the agenda was a visit to the Central Laboratory of the Agroecology of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin situated in the Lublin Science and Technology Park.This place is the pride of the region and carries out advanced food research with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.The visitors were greatly impressed by the scope of conducted research and equipment of the laboratory.

In the late afternoon the guests went to Kazimierz Dolny situated on the banks of the Vistula River, one of the most beautiful sites in Poland, which has the status of a Historic Monument given to it by the President of the Republic of Poland.

During the study visit the journalists toured two voivodeships: Świętokrzyskie and Lubelskie, took part in meetings with local authorities, and learned about the development and investment plans of the region.

The study visits organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency are addressed primarily to foreign media journalists and aim at promotion of Eastern Poland to the foreign public.

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