Strong Polish representation at SIAL in China

7 May 2015
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This year Poland is one of the biggest exhibitors at SIAL in Shanghai - the biggest food trade fairs in Asia. Over 110 Polish companies are presenting their offer at the huge trade stand that covers 800m2. Among them there are exhibitors from the Eastern Poland Macro-region that came to China with PAIiIZ. This is the biggest Polish delegation Poland has ever send to foreign trade fairs. It is also worth to add that Poland has been named “The Special Amber Sponsor" of the event.

“China is the biggest and the fastest growing market in the world. Therefore, Poland should be present there and not just ask if it is worth to be there”, argues Tadeysz Chomicki, the Ambassador of Poland in China. He also added that although first effects of promotion in China usually appear after at least two or three years, the return on investment is guaranteed. As Chomicki argues when promoting food in China, Polish companies should always establish common representation at one national trade stand. “For, Chinese perspective, even the biggest Polish company is considered as small therefore so recognition on the Chinese market needs time.”, said ambassador. This year at SIAL in Shanghai all Polish companies are presenting their offer at one common national stand, thus their competitive advantage is stronger.

Polish-Chinese B2B talks at SIAL CHINA

Among Polish companies present at SIAL in Shanghai one can see the offer of 21 companies from the Eastern Poland: OBST , PW „MAT”, POL-MAK, MAKRO Kosiorowski & Kosiorowski, PERŁA Lublin Brewery, APIS Lublin, PPH „VITALPOL”, LACTIMA, Mazurskie Miody, „PSZCZÓŁKA”, LACTEX, Spółdzielnia Obrotu Towarowego Przemysłu Mleczarskiego, Dairy Cooperative in Łapy, AGRAM, PHZ KASOL, ASKOR II, Sad Sandomierski, „SMAK-GÓRNO”, Przetwórnia Owoców i Warzyw Robert Kowalkowski, NERO, „Smaki Polskie”. Those companies represent such sectors as: dairy, brewery and agri-food processing. Everyday, those companies are participating in B2B talks that soon should bring some benefits to the two sides.

Polish trade stand attracts many SIAL visitors. Especially culinary shows by famous Polish chefs as Karol Okrasa who promoters products of the Eastern Poland as well as Konrad Birek and Marcin Piotrowski gather many people. During the even, Karol Okrasa also took part in the international culinary show “La Cuisine” as a Polish representative.

Karol Okrasa during "La Cuisine" culinary show


SIAL Shanghai is the biggest food trade fair in China and in this part of the world. 2,700 exhibitors is attending the event. Organizes expect also 55,000 visitors there.

The mission of Polish companies from the Eastern Poland has been arranged by PAIIIZ under the Eastern Poland Promotion Programme co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Operation Programme Eastern Poland Regional Development Found, submeasure I.4. (PAIiIZ)

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