Small business – great success. Olsztyn Zortrax conquers the world

26 March 2014
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Their success is the result of hard work and experience. They say little about the contract with Dell, one thing is certain: their product is conquering the world market and they intend to use it - as best as they can. We discuss the plans of Olsztyn Zortrax with Karolina Bołądź, product manager of the company.

Dell signed a contract with Olsztyn Zortrax for the purchase of 5,000 3D printers, which it wants to use for creating prototypes.This is the largest order of non-industrial printers.


Did your team start with a group of enthusiasts? 
The founders of the Zortrax project, Rafał Tomasiak and Marcin Olchanowski know each other for more than ten years and have been also working together for that time.They started in GSM technology industry.


How did you develop your flagship product, 3D printer Zortrax M200, which attracted American giant Dell?
In 2009, Rafał and Marcin became interested in 3D printing technology and started producing electronic and mechanical components for DIY 3D printers, that is, printers you can assemble yourself at home.In 2011, they launched online store and since then successfully develop production and sale.Work on original 3D printer also started in 2011.The result of over two years of work on this project is 3D printer Zortrax M200. Rafał and Marcin have always been interested in IT industry, engineering and programming.However, Zortrax M200 is not the result of the work of enthusiasts but professionals.The market success of this product is the result of experience and consistency of its authors.For years they developed expertise in the field of new technologies, they did not look for ready-made solutions, they sought answers to questions on the internet and in scientific publications.  Working on such a project required funding.How did you solve this problem?  As I said, we have already dealt with the sale of components for 3D printers and by keeping an online store we were able to develop the Zortrax project.When we had ready construction of the printer, we decided to get funding for a larger production.We organized a campaign for founding on social networking portal Kickstarter, production was funded by 80 different investors from around the world. 


You say little about the contract with Dell, can you unveil the secret? 
Unfortunately at this stage we can’t disclose any details of the contract, because it is still being worked out. 


One thing is certain - this contract will give you tremendous growth opportunities.What are the current goals of Zortrax?
We plan to start working with the world's largest distributors of 3D printers.We also have good information for potential customers in Poland - soon we will launch Polish website, where you will be able to buy Zortrax printer directly from us.


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