Polish techno parks attract American business

10 October 2014
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Under the PAIiIZ mission to the US, between 24-25 September, Polish companies representing Eastern Poland went to Miami to present investment offer of the marcoregion to Latin Chamber of Commerce of USA (Camacol).

Comacol is the oldest Latinoamerican chamber of commerce operating for 48 years. In 2015, Camacol plans to arrange the world’s biggest trade fair presenting the offer of Americas - Business Expo of the America - in Kielce (Eastern Poland macroregion). It is the first time in the history when this event will be held out side the region. The aim of the meeting is to establish the direct contacts with Latinoamerican companies with Polish counterparts.

Thanks to the business and logistic potential of Miami, Florida is said to be the business gateway to both Americas. Miami is one of the largest logistic hub of both Americas and an important financial and IT centre of Americas with Innovation Technology Hubs of the Americas in Boca Raton that is said to be the place where the first computer and the first smartphone were created. Moreover, in 2014 the first Polish Trade Centre in Miami Free Zone was opened. It offers best opportunities for Polish companies to provide business not only in Miami but also in both Americas. In September, the Centre has signed the cooperation agreement with the first Polish company, Data Techno Park from Wrocław for providing IT services. Currently the Polish Trade Centre w Miami Free Zone is looking for new business partners in Poland, especially among techno parks and agri food supplyers from Poland. During the visit in Miami, the offer of technopark from Białystok, Ełk, Kielce and Suwałki attracted the attention of American side. The Centre is also looking for partners among suppliers of fruits, meat and frozen food from Poland.

W misji gospodarczej PAIiIZ do USA, współfinansowanej ze środków unijnych w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Rozwój Polski Wschodniej 2007-2013, projektów "Promocja Gospodarcza Polski Wschodniej" oraz "Tworzenie i Rozwój Sieci Współpracy Centrów Obsługi Inwestora" wzięli udział przedstawiciele specjalnych stref ekonomicznych, parków naukowo-technologicznych, urzędów marszałkowskich i agencji rozwoju regionalnego.

PAIiIZ Economic Mission to the United States is co-financed by EU funds under the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013, projects "Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland" and "Creation and Development of Cooperation Network of Investor Service Centres". The mission was attended by Polish entrepreneurs, representatives of SEZ, techno-parks, scientists, and regional institutions will take part.


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