Polish-Emirates business talks in Podlasie Region

5 February 2013
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The Poland – United Arab Emirates Business Forum, organized on the occasion of the launch of direct flight connection between Warsaw and Dubai, will take place in Warsaw on Thursday, February 7. The Forum will be attended by the representatives of authorities and business environment from The United Arab Emirates and Poland. After the Forum, the UAE delegates will visit Białystok where they will meet the authorities of the city and of Podlaskie Voivodship.

For the last few years, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and Dubai Chamber of Commerce have been cooperating to develop the economic exchange between Poland and UAE.With the visible big potential in mutual relations of Polish and UAE business entrepreneurs, away missions, trade fairs and business forums are organized.They provide the opportunity to learn about the multi-sector offers of each country, and to establish direct cooperation.

The Poland – United Arab Emirates Business Forum devoted to bilateral economic cooperation in the fields of investments, trade cooperation and support for Polish companies interested in exporting to the UAE, will take place in Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw, on February 7.JanuszPiechocinski – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Poland, and Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri – Minister of Economy of the UAE, will be the honorable guests of the Forum.The event will be attended by the representatives of Polish and Emirates business environments from the following sectors: banking, trade, construction, energy, healthcare, logistics and transport.

BożenaCzaja, the Vice President of PAIiIZ, says: Polish - Emirates Business Forum is organized on the occasion of the launch of direct flight connection between Warsaw and Dubai, but it results from very good economic relations and a long-term cooperation of the two countries.Polish companies have regularly taken part in investment missions organized by PAIiIZ and in trade fairs in UAE.A lot of them have established a cooperation which lasts until today.Therefore, we see a great potential and interest of entrepreneurs from the UAE in the offer of Polish companies, and we create the opportunity for direct talks and meetings for both sides.Only recently have the companies from Eastern Poland presented their products during multiple trade fairs n Dubai.Particularly food, yacht and construction sectors attracted a lot of interest.

Certainly, the fact that shortly after the Forum is over, part of the delegation from the UAE will pay a two-day visit to Bialystok is the result of PAIiIZ implementation of the promotional campaign for Eastern Poland Macroregion, as well as of numerous meetings of the region entrepreneurs and authorities with entrepreneurs from the UAE.Tomasz Buczek, Director of Strategy and Development Department in Białystok, says: We are proud that, out of many cities and regions, the UAE delegation will visit Podlasie which offers not only beautiful, almost unspoilt nature, but also multiple investment opportunities, especially when it comes to wood, food, yacht and hotel industries, as well as dynamically developing IT sector. Thanks to the close cooperation of Białystok and PAIiIZ, and an active participation of Tadeusz Truskolaski, the President of Białystok, in the economic missions in UAE, we have attracted Arab markets with the economic offer of our region.We got the fishing rod that we are trying to use in the right way.We hope that the next visit will let us show even more advantages of Podlasie, especially of the Białystok region, both in terms of economy and tourism.

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