Polish construction and food sectors in Canada

5 December 2014
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Canada and Poland have much in common, especially regarding the dynamic growth in trade and investments as well as academic cooperation. “The Ministry of Economy defines Canada as a top priority market”, argued PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska during the Polish-Canadian Construction Forum that was held on 4 December in Toronto.

“We hope to see a considerable strengthening of economic relations between Poland and Canada. To let it happen, business and government must combine their efforts. That is the reason why the government is so deeply involved in promoting Polish business and entrepreneurs abroad,” underscored deputy minister Katarzyna Kacperczyk on starting her three-day visit to Canada (3-5 December). The Polish delegation consisted  of representatives of the construction, food and energy sectors, while PAIiIZ was represented by deputy president Monika Piątkowska.

Visitation of the Starsky supermarket offering Polish products

On the first day of the mission to Canada, representatives of Polish food industry together with deputy minister Kacperczyk and deputy president Piątkowska visited Omega Food Importers – the biggest importer of Polish food in Canada. They also paid a visit in Starsky supermarket that offers Polish products and is the first receiver of Polish apples that came to Canada just last Friday. On the same day, the headquarters of Canada Poland Chamber of Commerce, hosted a meeting between delegation from Poland and women-elite of Toronto including representatives of politics, culture, business and local Polania organizations. During the meeting Ms Kacperczak alluded to the recently completed EU-Canadian Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement negotiations. “We hope to see the agreement ratified as soon as possible, which will provide additional opportunities to cultivate Polish-Canadian economic relations. I look forward to further and effective cooperation with the Polish diaspora in Toronto and the Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters,” said the deputy minister.   Meeting with the new major of Toronto , Ms Bonie Crombie was the next highlight of the day.

Meetin with women - elite in Toronto

On Thursday, 4 December, Polish companies representing the construction sector took part in the Polish-Canadian Construction Forum that was held under Construct Canada fair. “Canadians are very experienced in doing business in Poland. Such giants as Pratt&Whitney or Goodrich Aerospace had a big share in success of the Aviation Valley - the cluster in the South-Eastern Poland gathering aviation and aerospace companies”, argued Monika Piątkowska.

5 December, the last day of the mission was dedicated to agri-food and energetic sectors. Participants of the mission took part in the Poland - Canada Economic Forum that was opened by deputy minister Katarzyna Kacperczyk. On the same day, meetings with Canadian central politicians in Ottava were arranged. (PAIiIZ/ MFA)

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