Polish - Japanese economic relations

7 July 2014
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On 3 June, Ministry of Economy held the „Japanese Day”. The meeting was opened by minister Janusz Piechociński, while the panel discussion on business opportunities for Japanese companies in Poland was moderated by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

“The years of crisis have been the year of our prosperity. It all thanks to domestic demand and foreign investments”, said Sławomir Majman starting a discussion that was attended by the president of Japanese employers’ federation SHOKOKAI - Yoshito Okada; president of Wałbrzych SEZ – Barbara Kaśnikowska; a representative of Toyota Motor Manufacturing – Toru Takeuchi, president of NGK Ceramics Polska – Osama Ishikawa; director of Fujitsu – Dave Deane and deputy director of NCBiR – Leszek Grabarczyk.

As it was stated by Dave Deane of Fujitsu, the profile of his company has made a significant change since Fujitsu entered the Polish market. “We are not looking for cheap labor force in Poland. We have found well skilled professionals here”. The panelist agreed that what attract them the most to invest in Poland are investment incentives, prolongation of SEZ until 2026 and high qualification of Polish employees.

The investment attractiveness of the country and their business offer for foreign companies were main highlights of the presentation provided by PAIiIZ director of Foreign Investment Department, Iwona CHojnowska – Haponik. She also stressed the fact that Poland is the biggest beneficiary of EU funds for 2014-2020.

According to NBP, Japanese companies are 19 th in terms of FDI in Poland. (PAIiIZ)

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