Poland - the partner country of the air fair ILA 2012 in Berlin

24 September 2012
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From the initiative of Polish Ministry of Economics and Polish Information and Foreign Investments Agency during this year’s edition of the fair ILA Berlin Air Show were presented the major Poland’s accomplishments in aviation and space science.

Poland as a partner country of ILA prepared the most impressive stand to date. Polish aviation and space science presented themselves as modern and dynamic industries, offering to the clients and investors perfect possibilities for developing. In the centre of the exhibition were the production opportunities and the research and developmental works.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Polish stand during the air fair ILA 2012 in Berlin

Almost 1500 exhibitors and 270 presented airplanes makes the ILA Berlin Air Show  the largest fairs of this type, which enjoy the highest satisfaction of exhibitors and the visitors. Over 1000 specialist conferences bring all the recent trade subjects. Many leading representatives from all over the world visiting the fair, made the ILA fair the place for meetings between industry, scientific, politics, international space agencies and military forces.

Within Promotion, Development of Eastern Poland Operational Programme in the fair participated 19 companies from Eastern Poland: Zelnar  Tooling Production Plant Ltd (Tajęcina); LZPN “Aero-Kros” Ltd (Krosno); Szymczyk Stanisław Nota Precise Mechanic Plant (Biała Podlaska); Waldrex Design and Service Partnership; Waldemar Babula (Mielec); Norbert Poland  Ltd (Rzeszów); Thoni Alutec Ltd (Stalowa Wola),  Metal Plant Erko R. Pętlak GP ; Pętlak  Brothers (Jonkowo), PPHU Royal Star Krzysztof Pawełek (Dębica), Eurotech Ltd (Mielec), FIN LLC (Kolbuszowa), Aero AT  Ltd  (Mielec), CAV Aerospace Poland (Rzeszów), Ultratech Ltd (Rzeszów), PZL LLC  (Mielec), PPUH Witold Bryk (Kraczkowa), Technoly Incubator  from  Stalowa Wola, Biko Servis  Ltd, S.k. (Chęciny), Airport Lublin JSC  and  aviation cluster -Aviation Valley (Rzeszów).

At the Eastern Poland stand ( 2, 2221) were presented Ultralight airplane MP-02 Czajka produced by LZPN “Aero-Kros” Ltd  from Krosno, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) MJ-7 Szogun produced by Eurotech, Mars Rover Magma 2 from  Bialystok  University of Technology, as well the engine IAE V2500 produced by MTU Aero Engines and presented by Aviation Valley .

At the outdoor display area the guests the guests had the opportunity to see the  helicopter  S-70i Black Hawk in static and dynamic exhibition ( air show from 10 to 16 September 2012), the airplane M28 Bryza produced by Polish Aviation Work Ltd from Mielec  (PZL Mielec) and EM-11C Orka – it  is a four seater  twin-engine aircraft with retractable landing gear  produced by Margański&Mysłowski S.A.  from Bielsko-Biała and presented together with Airport Lublin JSC.

The exhibition runs from 11 to 16 September.


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