Podkarpacie: PAIiIZ promotional campaigns bring results

15 April 2014
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PAIiIZ spent PLN 86 million from EU funds on the economic promotion of Eastern Poland – from the Development of Eastern Poland operational programme.

As part of these activities in the past three years, representatives of companies and self-government units from the five regions covered by the Development of and Eastern Poland programme: namely Podkarpackie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie, took part, inter alia, in 47 trade fairs, 39 external missions and 6 visitor  missions. A total of about 1.3 thousand entrepreneurs and nearly 360 local government officials benefited from this activity by opening contacts with investors from Asia, Europe and the USA.

Promotional activities

The  Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme includes the promotion of brand image of the macro-region and direct promotion of economic potential of eastern voivodeships among potential investors from Poland and abroad, as well as companies interested in the intensification of economic cooperation. The project was preceded by an analysis that identified sectors and markets that are a priority for promotional activities, both in terms of attracting investment and promoting exports, taking into account the current economic situation.

At the same time ex-ante evaluation were carried out in order to determine the current image of Eastern Poland. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the activities, evaluations will also take place during the implementation and upon the completion of the Project. They will allow to verify the effectiveness of promotional activities.

Investors know Podkarpacie

Eastern Polandwas noticed, the region is beginning to be known to a growing group of investors. Now is the time for watching the investment offer. The results of the campaign and further new investments need to wait a moment– informs Katarzyna Tyska from the agency involved in the communication of the Eastern Poland Promotion Programme.

Based on a survey conducted among the companies that benefit from the promotion, PAIiIZ concluded that the companies estimated all of their  - as stated - "profits" at more than PLN 313.9 million. It consists of signed contracts (507 contracts worth PLN 283.4 million), as well as investments in new equipment needed to carry out those contracts (PLN 6.1 million), PLN 13.2 million invested in new factories, PLN 11.1 million for new lines or manufacturing facilities. 212 new employees were hired. Export of surveyed companies increased by 63 per cent, production by 19 percent, and sales by an average of 18 percent.

Food industry companies concluded 269 contracts for the amount of PLN 110.9 million. Very good results were noted also by lingerie sector - 98 contracts for the amount of PLN 10.6 million, yacht sector - 72 contracts; PLN 15.4 million, machines and metals - 20 contracts; PLN 11.6 million. Great benefits were also recorded by: aviation industry, IT / CT, furniture sector. Businesses from eastern voivodeships visited e.g. Germany, Great Britain, Russia, India, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. The delegation fro UAE also came to Poland, including Bialystok.Vice President of PAIiIZ, Bozena Czaja estimates that the effects of promotion should be perceived remembering that small and medium-sized enterprises used the opportunities the most and their success can not be compared with the outcomes of large foreign investors. The PAIiIZ data shows that from January to October 2012, the in the entire eastern Poland largest foreign investors have completed 38 projects worth 1.1 billion euros, which have lead to the creation of 6.9 thousand. new jobs.In this period 10 percent of all foreign investments in Poland were located in the eastern part of the country, and jobs accounted for 6 percent of all jobs created by foreign investors.

Source: www.carpatiabiznes.pl, www.strefabiznesu.nowiny24.pl

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