PAIiIZ rewarded at the Furniture Fair in Ostróda

1 September 2012
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During the 39th edition of the International Furniture Fair in Ostróda, at the stand arranged by PAIiIZ, 20 companies from Eastern Poland Macroregion presented their products and the potential of all furniture sector in Macroregion.

Left: The first award in the category ‘Best Marketing Idea’ of the 39th  International Furniture Fair in Ostróda was given to the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency
Right: Director of the Regional Development Department PAIiIZ, Agnieszka Wojnarowska

New opportunities provided by the modern fair facility in Ostródaresulted in the fact that Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency within  Promotion, Development of Eastern Poland Operational Programme decided to buy 1000 m² and arrange the largest stand in the project history to provide the  possibility of presenting the potential and products of 20 furniture entrepreneurs from Eastern Poland Macroregion. The stand and the PAIiIZ idea was given the first award in the category “Best Marketing Idea”.

This year’s edition of the fair is the first exhibition organised in the rebuilt and enlarged Fair and Conference Centre of Warmia and Mazury – Demuth-Arena. The fairs attracted many furniture sector representatives from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Germany and Switzerland.

Eastern Poland stand at the MTM 2012

The ambitious enterprise, namely  renewing and enlarging the Fair and Conference Centre Demuth- Arena in Ostróda, considerably enriches business attraction of the city and without doubt enhances  the position of Ostróda as the location for professional business meetings aimed to key sectors from the region as well as from the whole country. Arena has its chance to become the most important place for the promotional events and gain the status as the excellent exhibition facility abroad.

The fair was held in Ostróda from 10th to 14th September 2012.

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