New areas of Polish - Chinese cooperation

7 July 2014
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Rebuilding the Silk Road as well as trends in solar and wind energy policy were discussed on 4 July during a meeting between PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman and president of the Development Research Center (DRC), minister Li Wei, who led the Chinese delegation visiting Poland.

Sławomir Majman encouraged Chinese businesses to invest in Poland by reminding the results of the recent UNCTAD report, in which Poland was ranked the 13th in the world and the 5th in Europe in terms of investment attractiveness. “China used to be interested in Africa, Asia and America. Now it has finally turned their attention also to our part of Europe”, said PAIiIZ president.

Due to the plans for the reconstruction of the Silk Road by Chinese investors, the importance of CEE region has grown. This historical route will again be uses in transportation of goods between China and the Western Europe. Chinese expect to increase their activity in the region during the next 20 year. Therefore investing in expansion and modernization of infrastructure is needed. Especially development of rail transportation that will play a key important role in European – Chinese trade, is crucial. Mr Majman also reminded to the audience that 40% of economic and demographic potential of the European side of the Europe – China cooperation programme called “16+1”, belongs to Poland.

Delegation representing Development Research Center came to Poland on the invitation of the Polish Ministry of Economy. The programme of the study visit included meetings in the Chancellery of the President, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and Ministry. (PAIiIZ)

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