Mumbai: PAIiIZ and EEPC - India signed MoU

16 December 2014
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“Economic cooperation of Poland and India, the two partners from two different parts of the world is now entering a new, strategic level”, said PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska signing the Memorandum of Understanding between PAIIIZ and Engineering Export Promotion Council - India. The ceremony was arranged during India Engineering Sourcing Show in Mumbai on 16 December.

Participation in India Engineering Sourcing Show is the last, however one of the most importer highlights of the economic - investment mission to India organised together by PAIiIZ and Ministry of Economy. “IESS plays a significant role in engineering sector of India. Usually, many contracts are signed during the event as the IESS is supported by Indian government”, J.J. Singh representing Indio - Polish Chambers of Commerce and Industries commented.

Panelists of India - Poland Partnership Forum w Mumbai

Poland is The Partner - Country of the event. During the Show, India Poland Partnership Forum promoting Poland and Polish business was arranged. Moreover, one could watch there a verity of Polish business offer and the innovativeness of Polish companies at a white-red Polish pavilion. The Polish pavilion gathered engineering, metal and machinery companies as well as representatives of such sectors as furniture, cosmetics and food from Poland that also took part in the mission to India.

Signing MoU between EEPC - India and PAIIIZ

The Forum finished with the ceremony of signing the MoU between PAIiIZ and EEPC-India. The positive effects of MoU should soon be clear for entrepreneurs in both Poland and India, especially among those who represent engineering sector. “There are vast business opportunities waiting for two types of engineering companies. The first one in mining, as Poland is very experienced in that sector. Also SEMs representing highly advanced machinery sector can benefit a lot from Polish Indian cooperation”, explained Jerzy Majchrzak, director of the innovation and industry dep. in the Polish Ministry of Economy.

Summing up the effects of the mission to India, PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska argued that entrepreneurs from India are also interested in fining business partners in Polish BPO sector. “We took part in many business meetings with chambers of commerce and business associations in India. They all talked about >>join venture<< with Polish companies from BPO and ICT industries. They also are interested in developing the idea of “smart cities” that means city management in such aspects as environmental protection or eco-friendly communication”.

The economic and investment mission to India is one of the projects finishing this year's 60th anniversary of establishment diplomatic relation between Poland and India.

A part of Polish mission to India was arranged under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, co-financed by the European Found of Regional Development under the OP Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013, submesure I.4. (PAIiIZ/PAP)

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