Moldovian MPs visit PAIiIZ

25 June 2014
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Delegation of Moldovan Members of Parliament arrived to Poland. The way of Poland towards the access to the UE and towards achieving the leading economic position in the region as well as the country’s experience in attracting foreign investors were discussed by PAIiIZ member of the Board, Anna Polak – Kocińska.

It is the next meeting between representatives of Moldovan and Poland this year. The visit of Moldovan MPs in Poland also proves that the bilateral relationships are getting stronger. In February, Warsaw held the 4th Polish - Moldovan Economic Committee. Discussion on issues related to the economic cooperation between both countries especially in terms of agriculture, agree-food industry and tourism was continued in Kishinev, in the presence of Polish prime minister Donald Tusk, at the Poland - Moldova Economic Forum. During the Forum, MoU between PAIiIZ and its Moldovan counterpart MIEPO was signed. In May, on the occasion of the official visit of deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Tudor Ulianovschi in Warsaw, bilateral talks on attracting foreign investor and Poland’s investment attractiveness were held.

Moldovan MPs talk with PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak - Kocińska

It is the Polish experience in attracting FDI that on 24 June brought together Moldavian MPs and PAIiIZ representatives headed by deputy president Anna Polak Kocińska. During the meeting Mrs Kocińska presented the latest UNCTAD report in which Poland was ranked the 13th world’s most attractive investment destination. She also talked about the impact of joining the UE on the success of Polish economy. At the end of June, Moldova plans to sing the association agreement with the European Union and enter the global challenge of attracting foreign investors - as Poland in previous years. The key targets of Moldavian investment policy are agri-food investments.

During the meeting, workshop project based on the experience exchange on FDI provided by PAIiIZ and MIEPO was discussed.  Poland also support Moldova with €100m preferential loan to finance exports of Polish goods and services to Moldova.


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