Minister of Economy: Poland still attracts foreign investments

24 March 2014
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The increase of interest in Poland as an attractive location for foreign investors, business – administration relations and investment barriers were discussed during a conference arranged by Think Tank Analysis Centre.

Deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński who attended the meeting argued that Poland is using its economic attractiveness very well. “A strong Polish economy and a solid background of its further development guarantee the profitability of investments in our country”, he said. Mr Piechociński also added that Poland competing strategy is currently based on skills and cooperation rather than on fighting down the competitors.  In recent years, service sector has become the most noticeable Polish advantages. “Today, investors are focusing on knowledge-based industries such as BPO, R&D or ICT”, argued deputy minister Janusz Piechociński. Thus, it is crucial to encourage investors who already are in Poland to reinvest their profits in out country, stressed the minister.

Deputy prime minister also referred to the "Programme to support investments of high importance for the Polish economy for 2011-2020" that was designed by the Ministry of Economy. He recalled that the Ministry has analysed the effects of the first two years of the programme and decided to implement some changes to it.

PAIiIZ deputy – president Monika Piątkowska who also joined the meeting summarised PAIiIZ latest achievements in supporting FDI. “Currently the Agency is providing the support for 163 investment projects with a total value of €3.15 billion. We hope they all will lead to the creation of over 31,300 new jobs” - she said.

Conference on "How not to lose foreign investment?" was held on 19 March 2014 in the Ministry of Economy under the cycle of meetings entitled: “Forum for Dialogue. Foreign Investments”. The transfer of the knowledge between foreign investors, governments and central government to maintain the attractiveness of Poland as an attractive destination of foreign direct investment as well as to increase the involvement of investors who are already on the Polish market is the aim of the program.

(PAIiIZ/ MG/ThinkTank)

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