Investors want to create over 300 jobs in the zone

30 September 2013
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The Pilkington Automotive Poland alone - operating in Chmielów since September last year - plans to build a new facility and create 300 new jobs.

More than 300 new jobs in the Tarnobrzeg Zone. They will be offered by Pilkington Automotive Poland, Marma Plast and a third investor.

It was a good investment year for Nowa Dęba and the Mayor of the town, Wiesław Ordon, can certainly confirm it. He announced that apart from the 300 new jobs in Chmielów, promised by Pilkington Automotive Poland, also Marma Plast Sp. z o.o. declared expanding production. There is also a third investor, who has already announced plans to build a production hall at Szypowski Street. Mayor Ordon is very happy and emphasises that forests in Nowa Dęba are not a problem. Of course, in order to prepare the area it was necessary to meet specific procedures.   

Pilkington’s development
The record-breaker in terms of creating new jobs is the Pilkington Automotive Poland, which will create over 300 new jobs in Chmielów in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. The facility will be completed by 2015 and the construction will be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

The new facility is supposed to apply innovative technological systems dedicated to car windows production. The investment will cost over 65 million euro and the funding provided by the Innovative Economy will be 12 million euro. Mayor of Nowa Dęba believes that in order to attract the investors one has to be active. He does not just perceive Pilkington as a goose that lays golden eggs, creates new jobs and pays taxes to the budget. “We invested about 7 million złoty in Chmielów. We will also build some parking spaces and sidewalks. We already have the documentation and the gas company will construct a network for the company,” adds the mayor.

A hall for Marma
Pilkington is not the only company that is creating new jobs in the commune. Specialising in plastic bags, foils and packaging production, Marma Plast Sp. z o.o. has also declared plans for future development. According to the mayor, it will create a dozen new jobs. The company was preparing for the construction of warehouse. “Marma showed that the forests in our area are not a problem and they have already cut a hectare of woods,” explains the mayor. “President of the company informed about the plans to purchase machines for 30 million złoty. It will enable creating a dozen new jobs. Another investor who plans to build a hall and start production at Szypowskiego Street wants to apply for trees felling.”


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