Investors from France glad to be in Poland

9 July 2014
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Over 60% of French companies operating in Poland that were surveyed by CCIFP and KPMG declare the will to open a new office or branch in Poland soon. The “20 year of French investments in Poland” report clearly shows that French companies are glad to be here.

According to the report, 87% of French companies in Poland are satisfied with the recent effects of their investment activity and 97% of them would recommend Poland as a good investment destination. When choosing a location for FDI, the size of the market and the perspectives of it’s grow as well as local tax and law system play the most important role. Every third French company also analyzes the availability of staff with the required experience.

87% of French companies have a positive opinion regarding the current economic situation in Poland. Almost all of them describe location of Poland for investments (96%) and the perspectives of Polish market growth (90%) as good. On the other hand, the French criticize the Polish public sector, infrastructure, instability of tax system and lack of transparency in law regulations. 44% of them argue that the bureaucracy in Poland is too high.

However, French companies seem to be glad to do business in Poland - 64% of them would like to increase their presence here during the next three years. Moreover, every fourth company would like to open a new office or branch in Poland and to increase the employment in 2014, while 38% of them will maintain the number of jobs in their companies. It is worth to say that none of them plan to leave Poland.

Investments in hi-tech industry have over 60% of share in all FDI in Poland. This is a perfect area for French companies to invest in”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman

“Poland is now in the process reindustrialisation that is reflected in PAIiIZ investment portfolio. Investments in hi-tech industry have over 60% of share in all FDI in Poland. This is a perfect area for French companies to invest in”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

"We would like to develop the cooperation with our French counterpart in science and R&D projects. The grants on that purpose should go though companies", added Grażyna Henclewska, deputy minister in the Ministry of Economy.

The French also stress their engagement in CSR - about 75% of companies are active in corporate social responsibility projects and 21% declare the will to stat doing this. Every third respondent also says that is supporting employees in promoting a life balance.

France is the third foreign investor in Poland. The cumulated value of French FDI in the country reached PLN 90 billion in 2012 that was the 12% of FDI inflow in Poland. It is also one of the biggest employers. French companies employ over 200,000 people in Poland. France belongs to the group of top most important trade partner of Poland as it is the forth biggest export market of Polish goods. Electronics, machinery and mechanical appliances lead in terms of exported product to our western counterpart. (PAIiIZ / CCIFP / KPMG)

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