Investment opportunities of Poland and Luxemburg

13 May 2014
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“Luxembourg is the most important place for Polish capital investments that today are worth EUR 9.5 billion - said President Bronislaw Komorowski while opening Poland - Luxembourg Business and Financial Forum.


Signing the MoU between Polish Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg

Signing the MoU between PAIiIZ and Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg

On 8 May, during the Forum, Polish president Bronisław Komorowski noticed that currently there is the best time for the development of cooperation between Poland and Luxembourg. “ Today, Poland is one of the fastest developing EU countries. And the forecasts are still very good.  It is expected that the economy will grow by 3%, which in turn will improve the situation in the industry and the labour market”, said the president. As Mr Komorowski argued, thanks to the economic prosperity in Poland and Luxembourg, both countries should be very optimistic as far as the results of mutual cooperation. “Thus, I hope that this visit will help Poland and Luxembourg in the development of further cooperation” - added the president. “Poland is a welcoming place for foreign investors”, said president Komorowski while encouraging companies form Luxemburg to invest also in Polish energy sector.

Panelists of the Poland-Luxembourg Business and Financial Forum

“Currently, Poland is the 7th major trade partner of Luxemburg and we hope that it will improve its position soon”, said Henry, the grand duke of Luxembourg. He argued that in terms of finance services, Luxembourg offers a wide range of products. However, as prince noted, Luxembourg is not only a global financial centre. “Our country has also developed the industry and has a strong ITC sector”.

Deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński, who also attended the forum, reminded to the audience that the strongest asset of Polish economy is human resources. “This is the people that are the real power of Polish economy. 10% of the EU students come from Poland”. Mr Piechociński also announced further investments in human capital.  “We will give Europe a great educated staff”, he added.

Henry, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg during the Forum

Polish President Brownisław Komorowski during the Forum

During the event PAIiIZ president Anna Polak - Kocińska and CEO Chamber of Commerce of Luxemburg, Carlo Helen signed the memorandum of understanding between PAIiIZ and the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg has been signed.

Luxembourg is one of the word’s most important financial centre and the place where global players of IT and modern technologies have their headquarters. According to National Bank of Poland (NBP), the value of the investments of companies from Luxemburg companies in Poland reached  EUR 18.2 billion at the end of 2012. Due to this, Luxemburg has a 4 position among foreign investors in Poland.


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