Huffington Post: Poland is experiencing an economic miracle

6 August 2014
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The German edition of the Huffington Post has published an article about Poland. The author writes that ‘the jokes about Poles ended’ and Poland is currently experiencing its economic miracle.

More than two decades ago, Germans believed that "Poland will remain a poor brother of Germany," writes Sebastian Christ in Huffington Post. The image of Poland in the eyes of it’s western neighbours have totally changed. ‘For 20 years, Poland's economy continuously recorded an economic growth’, says the author. Referring to the German economic miracle of the 50s and 60s, the jounralist argues that now, Poland is expiriencing the same golden age.’Between 2003-2008, the annual growth rate increased  by 5% y/y. Even in 2009, during the global crisis, GDP grew by 1.7%, says the journalist. He also stresses the fact that that southern European countries are still struggling with the recession, while the Polish GDP is higher by 20% than in 2008.

According to the EU, Poland joined the ’Big Five’ - Germany, France, Italy, UK and Spain. Poland is the second - after France - the most important economic partner for Germany. ‘The Polish miracle won’t finish soon. In the contrary, all forecasts shows that Poland’s prosperity will continue to increase’, writes Sebastian Christ. (PAIiIZ/

Read the whole article.

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