Furniture from Eastern Poland at the trade fair in Birmingham

6 February 2013
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19 companies representing Eastern Poland Macroregion presented their products at the International Trade Fair for Furniture, Lifestyle and Design "INTERIORS 2013" which took place in Birmingham (Great Britain) on January 20-23, 2013.

"INTERIORS UK" is the largest industry event in the British Isles. The 2013 edition was attended by about 600 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors - representatives of the industry: retailers, wholesalers, distributors, architects and interior designers, and 6,800 buyers.

Eastern Poland stand

The fair provides a unique opportunity to start a business with the British buyers and merchants who take part in the event annually in order to place orders for the whole coming year. Participation in this event enabled Eastern Poland entrepreneurs to learn about the current trends in the furniture industry and establish new business contacts, as well as new markets for the Polish products.

Eastern Poland stand

A special interest was given to: Polish furniture made of solid wood, glass cases, chests of drawers, glass furniture, garden furniture, office furniture, bathroom furniture, tables, chairs, rattan furniture, works of art made of colored glass and porcelain, and modern furniture fittings.

Eastern Poland stand

The following companies from Eastern Poland were present at the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) stand: Manufacturing and Services Company "Progresja" T.W.R. Walentynowicz, Lege Artis Anna Dubieniecka-Suszek, VBCH Design Wiergowski Piotr, Dorota Glass Studio Habrat, ADB Furniture, "DOLUX-M” Leszek Lubiejewski, Commercial and Service Company "Szkłomal" Piotr Truszczyński, Dekort Furniture Factory - Zygmunt Dmochewicz, Huta Szkła Artystycznego i Gospodarczego ‘Sabina” (SABINA GLASSWORKS), BIM Sp. z o.o,  „Dob-Meble” upholstered furniture manufacturer - Beata and Janusz Wychowaniec, Porcelain Factory ”Ćmielów” Ltd., Fronty meblowe Jaz Zbigniew Januszyk, Oristo Furniture Company, Stolmat & Wolmet, ADB Service, Technodrew, Sedia Line, Bendex Tabak.

Eastern Poland stand

The trip to "INTERIORS 2013” was organized as part of Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, Development of Eastern Poland Operational Programme, I.4 Promotion and Cooperation. (PAIiIZ)

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