Food producers from Eastern Poland at SIAL Middle East

30 November 2012
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10 entrepreneurs from Eastern Poland promoted their products in Abu Dhabi (UAE) during a food sector economic mission organized within the scope of Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.

The trade fair, organized by SIAL Group, covers almost all continents and the most important countries in particular regions, from Canada, Brazil, and France to China, and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most significant food industry meetings all over the world. The presence of Eastern Poland food producers at SIL ME trade fair, organized in the Middle East for the third time, results from the significant increase of Persian Gulf countries importance on the  world map of food trade.

The experience from the previous missions organized by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), such as Gulfood trade fair in Dubai in 2011, the mission accompanying the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s visit in the Middle East Region, or participation in Annual Investment Meeting congress in 2010 and 2011, made it possible to select a group of entrepreneurs who offer products which Arab consumers are most attracted to. This is why Eastern Poland delegation consisted mainly of companies producing dairy and specialized instant milk products, honey, sweets, preserves made of groundcover fruits and spices.

During the trade fairs, entrepreneurs presented their products at the Eastern Poland regional stand. Moreover, thanks to the platform offered by the Host of the trade fair, the companies had the opportunity to directly contact the representatives of the biggest retail chains and the Regions’ distributors. The visit was also an opportunity to strengthen the already established contacts with the local business representatives and trade fair industry from the neighboring Dubai.  

Thanks to the contacts established during missions and trade fairs organized in 2.5 years of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme operation, food companies from 5 Eastern voivodships participating in the programme have signed contracts with contractors from Arabian Peninsula worth 633,000 USD. These first real effects of the Eastern Poland industry representatives’ presence in the Region let optimistically assess the chances of trade contacts development intensification of Polish producers with the Middle East. The trade fair lasted 3 days from 26 to 28 November, 2012.

The trip was organized thanks to the European Regional Development Fund of Development, of Eastern Poland Operational Programme within the scope of “Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme ” l.4 measures, Promotion Component I Priority of the Operational Programme for Eastern Poland Development. (PAIiIZ)

More information: Aleksandra Bigda,

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