Employer – Partner 2013. Awards to companies that created most jobs

11 April 2014
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Shaping the local labour market is our joint goal and cause - said Wieslaw Pusz, Staroste of the Białystok poviat to entrepreneurs gathered at yesterday's conference at Hotel Esperanto. It was the culmination of the "Employer - Partner 2013” competition.

The Chapterassessed the effectiveness of collaboration between employers and the Poviat Labour Office in Bialystok and distinguished companies from Bialystokand the poviat which created the most jobs last year. In the category of small enterprises the award went to the company "Marmur Granit" Wieslaw Kisielewski from the poviat of Bialystok and “Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe FOKS Dariusz Muszyński” from Bialystok. Among medium-sized enterprises in the poviat area, the award went to “DK Lamin”, and in Bialystok - Koba. Awards in the large enterprises group went to Biazet SA and Plum.

-It is a great honour for us. And a motivation for further actions, for investing in human capital and for further development of our company - said Edyta Morawska from Plum, a manufacturer of industrial electronics.

The prizein the contest was also granted to employers who were founded through grants for starting a business. For example the Białystok-based company Win 2 Trade, in the poviat the award went ex equo to Dental Surgery Practice of Jerzy Sadowski and AddInside Solutions. A special award for innovation and implementation of new technologies went into the hands of Wojciech Głażewski, one of the builders of the Martian rover.

The competition was organisedin collaboration with the Poviat Labour Office in Bialystok and the entrepreneurs. The members of the Chapter, chaired by the Staroste, included among others the representative of the Employers' Association of Podlasie.

-We all know the unemployment rate in Poland, but we do not know how many vacant jobs there are - Wojciech Winogrodzki said yesterday - It is a situation when an entrepreneur wants to hire employees, but there are no candidates. It is the case for about 600,000 jobs.

It seems thatprivate employment agencies should be included in the cooperation, in conjunction with the financial interest of the agency in a rapid and sustained adaptation of unemployed persons and finding jobs for them. A nationwide registry of jobs and jobseekers should also be created.

Source:  www.wspolczesna.pl

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