Eastern Poland on an economic mission in Chicago

23 November 2012
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It is the second year in a row when 10 entrepreneurs from the Eastern Poland Macroregion, representing food sector, have participated in the economic mission in Chicago which took place on 10-15 November, 2012.

Entrepreneurs from Eastern Poland had an opportunity to present their offer, among others, to the biggest American distributor of Polish products, Lowell Foods company, and to the owners of “Shop & Save” supermarket chain  with Polish products in Chicago. During the meetings the entrepreneurs could learn about the basic principles of functioning and cooperation in the American food market, and about the changes currently taking place in the food market of Chicago and the whole state. The companies also participated in the meeting with the  representative of Jewel-Osco which is the biggest supermarket chain in the state of Illinois, with about 180 stores in the area.

As a part of the trip to Chicago, the entrepreneurs visited PLMA’s Private Label Trade Show which,  for the last 30 years, have been the biggest and most important trade fair event for companies offering private labels. Label buyers from around the world (from biggest hyper- and supermarkets, discount stores, wholesalers, importers, and exporters) have there the opportunity to learn about the offer of producers from a several dozen of countries. PLMA trade fair is targeted exclusively at those who are closely connected with production and trade in the sector of private labels.

The next stage of the mission was a seminar concerning the legal aspects of food import to the USA regulated by American Food and Drug Administration FDA.

The trip’s participants were also present at the meeting with the members of Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, where they had an opportunity to get to know the promotional plans for the state of Illinois around the world, and their methods of attracting foreign investors.

The following companies participated in the mission: Bartex from Pasłęk, LACTIMA Sp. z o. o. from Morąg, beekeeping farm APIS, LACTEX i Uren Novaberry from Lublin, Dairy Farm SPOMLEK from Radzyń Podlaski, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant from Lubawa, Food Industry Enterprise PEPEES from Łomża, PPUH “Komirex” from Siemiatycze, and Foreign Trade Enterprise KASOL from Białystok.

The mission was organized by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), with the support of the Trade & Investment Sector at the Embassy of Poland in Washington, DC, as part of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, Development of Eastern Poland Operational Programme, I.4 Promotion and Cooperation.

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