Eastern Poland’s entrepreneurs: SIM

31 October 2013
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Engineers’ Company SIM Sp. z o.o. is an independent Polish ICT business offering complex solutions relating to telecommunication and IT.

It started to specialise in designing and producing digital phone call recorders back in 1992. Their products have been appreciated on the local and national market as well as international, particularly in Thailand, Malaysia, Greece and Indonesia. Development strategy assumes strengthening the presence on foreign markets, including Western Europe and India. Abroad, the most popular products are call recorders. 

Asked about the company’s best product, Krzysztof Muciek, President of the Board, without hesitating pointed to COMPREC Call Recording System and DomatIQ Building Automation System . COMPREC System has been awarded the European Medal 2000. The award is given to products and services representing European standard. It also received the main award Defender 2000 during the 8th International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, and numerous awards and prizes, such as the Golden Key to Success with three diamonds during the 5th edition of “Success Companies of 2001.”

TVN Turbo’s TV show “Polak potrafi” presented production process – from the raw material to the ready product – of individual modules of DomatIQ system. Moreover, the company is regularly organising conferences and seminars and participates in trade shows and exhibitions, both local and national. Continuous cooperation with universities and colleges enables an inflow of innovative ideas coming from the newly graduated and well-educated personnel, which is a very important factor in the further development and introduction of modern technologies.

We’ve learned about the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme on the Internet – explains Krzysztof Muciek. Under the tours and meetings organised by PAIiIZ, we took part in many visits and B2B meetings. As a result, SIM has established contacts with new partners, presented its offer and innovative solutions, and acquired new distribution partners.

These are not all opportunities that the company has benefited from by participating in different activities. SIM Sp. z o.o. received several EU’s funds – including investment grants, support for targeted projects and local communities’ initiatives. Owing to the EU funds, it was possible to introduce to the offer two innovative modules and prepare two prototypes that enhance the company’s competitiveness. The funds enabled SIM Sp. z o.o. to participate in the International Trade Fair of Installations, which translated into rapid growth of trade contacts and extending the group of customers both in Poland and abroad.  

Although SIM Sp. z o.o. is aware of the opportunities and threats on the current market, the aforesaid activities help them to continue development in accordance with the planned strategy. Financial support enables introducing new functionalities to the recorders market, especially those that are new to the competitors.

SIM is an independent Polish producer, it is not an agent, thereby, we are setting the prices ourselves.– said Krzysztof Muciek.

On the other hand, an opportunity to participate in numerous conferences, seminars, trade shows and exhibitions gives the company a chance to establish contacts and inform the users about benefits offered by the solutions provided by the company. In the nearest future, the company plans to develop in two main directions: intelligent houses for individual customers and BMS systems for institutions.

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