Eastern Poland’s entrepreneurs: Altar

31 October 2013
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Altar Sp. z o.o. delivers original IT systems and modern solutions for business.

The company has been operating on the Polish market since 1990 and its seat has been in Kielce since the very beginning. The solutions offered by Altar are tailor-made to suit varied needs, such as the size of the business and specific industry, in which the client operates. The company specialises in IT and ICT projects dedicated to professional support for mass customer. Its offer includes Call and Contact Centre systems, mass customer billing systems and business process management systems.

Cooperation with the customer includes not only ready product but also complete service, which includes pre-implementation analysis, design, development, implementation, integration, training, technical assistance and further development of the software. – explains Arkadiusz Stefańczyk, Deputy President of the Board.

The company operates across the Polish market. Its clients are Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., ITI Neovision and PZU S.A. It is important to say that Altar’s products are already in use abroad – specifically in Romania – by companies that operate in Poland. However, long-term development strategy assumes entering European market. Its further development includes working on Altar Contact Centre system and designing new functionalities as well as providing cloud solution.

Altar Sp. z o.o. received INFOTEL Golden Laurel of 2008 in “Implementation” category. It was awarded for the project: implementation of client support and billing of WLR service in Exatel S.A. Since the company’s offer is so extensive, it is difficult to speak about one best project or product, however, so far, the leading product has been the Altar Contact Centre.

Altar Sp. z o. o. can be spotted on numerous industry conferences during which it promotes its systems and presents their capabilities. The company’s representatives are also participants of the industry trade shows (mainly foreign) as they wish to follow closely the global trends connected with systems development. In order to stay competitive in the IT industry and face the global corporations representing similar profile, the Kielce business wants to emphasise effective call centre support and automation of several processes.

Owing to the opportunities brought by the collaboration with PAIiIZ, Altar had a chance to take part in CeBIT in Hannover in 2011. It is also among those Polish companies that were able to benefit from the EU funds and thus was able to complete the project dedicated to developing one of the original solutions – IVVR (video channel in call centre).

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