Despite economic stagnation they are hiring. The office distinguished the best employers

14 April 2014
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Despite the stagnation in the labour market, they report the most job vacancies – the Poviat Labour Office in Bialystok awarded the best employers and partners in 2013.

The contest"Employer - Partner of 2013", organised by the Poviat Labour Office in Bialystokhas been concluded.

- The intention of the Office was to award those entrepreneurs who, despite difficult economic circumstances, create new jobs, report jobs to our facility and during the recruitment benefit from job placement services. We also appreciated also those people who have taken the risk of running their own business - said a spokeswoman for the PLO in Bialystok, Jolanta Tulkis.

From amongall nominees, the winners were selected by a jury including, among others, the Staroste of Bialystok Wieslaw Pusz, president of the Podlaski Employers’ Association Wojciech Winogrodzki and director of the PLO in Bialystok, Iwona Rojcewicz.

Selected employers:

In the category of"small employer" employing up to 20 people from the poviat of Bialystok the award went to Marmur-Granit, the other nominees were: Mikado (construction), Dekartex (textiles) and PUH Michał Płoński (construction). In the same category, but in Bialystok itself, the award went to Foks (catering services), furthermore distinguished were: Etob (IT industry), Rycar (automotive industry), and Tylor (construction).

The jury in the “Medium-sized Employers” category employing 20 to 100 people nominated from the district of Bialystok the following companies: EuroPegas (automotive sector), DK Lamin (producer of films and packaging), Promotech (producer of steel parts) and Bost (meat production) - here the main prize was awarded to company D.K. Lamin. Companies that meet the same criteria, but from Bialystok, include Casablanca (catering services), Innovator (producer of fencing, gates, acoustic screens), MAT lingierie (manufacturer of women's underwear) and Koba (ICT services) - it also received the title of Best Employer.

The Officealso acknowledged awards in the "Large Employer" category employing over 100 people. In the poviat of Bialystok the main prize was given to Plum (advanced technologies), other nominees were: ChM (manufacturer of tools for orthopedics and traumatology), Medgal (medical devices), Chesapeake (offset printing) and Promostal (steel structures). From Bialystok the nominees included: AC (producer of LPG systems), Anatex (investment management), Ava (manufacturer of women's underwear), Biacomex (bus rental) and Biazet (manufacturer of home appliances), to whom the jury awarded the first place.

The Chapteralso awarded the prize for employers who were created through the support of the PLO in Bialystok, in particular the one-off grants for starting a business. The award went to: Dental Surgery Practice of Jerzy Sadowski, Win 2 Trade (manufacturer of windows and doors) and Addinside Solutons (e-wedding services and e-business).

Małgorzata Cichocka

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