Companies from Eastern Poland at the most important IT industry event - "CeBIT" Trade Fair in Hannover

28 February 2013
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As many as 13 companies from Eastern Poland Macroregion will be present during the International ICT Trade Fair CeBIT held in Hannover on March 5-9. Polish companies are going to present innovative solutions in the field of new technologies, i.a. a call recording system named µComprec, a capsule enabling entering a virtual world of old-time Lublin, or modern systems supporting business running.

CeBIT trade fair, which will be held in Hannover at the beginning of March, is one of the most important events in the field of information technologies all over the world.Approximately 312,000 people from 110 countries visited the event in 2012, and the number of exhibitors exceeded 4240. Therefore, it creates a chance for companies from new technologies sector to make business contacts, win new markets and develop their businesses.

This year, the trade fair in Hannover will host as many as 13 companies from Eastern Poland region, the region of dynamic development in the field of new technologies.Scientific and research facilities, as well as technology parks located in Eastern Poland, are crucial in the industry development and hence, in the development of companies investing in information technologies.

One of the most interesting solutions presented during CeBIT will be a system designed by Intratel company from Białystok, a major provider of IT outsourcing services in Podlasie, and soon cloud computing services provider in Poland. The system (ITO cloud appliance) will enable to provide (simultaneously and automatically) small and medium-size companies with infrastructure and basic software in cloud model, necessary in terms of business operation.The complete solution will be combined and delivered in the form of a device with a corporate social network preinstalled inside, where users have access to specific tools, and which serves as the primary mechanism for communication, exchange and cooperation in the company.This product will be an easy way to enable the implementation of all the basic and necessary business objectives at a relatively low cost which small and medium-size companies can afford.

Another interesting solution which will be presented in Hannover is a special capsule which will take the visitors to the virtual world of Lublin city in different periods of its existence.  Inside the capsule, there will be three 47" 3D Full HD TV screens which will show the visualizations of Lublin and provide a 3D virtual tour around the city of XVI century.Joint work of historians and researchers on the project helped to develop a visualization which recreates the actual streets layout and the image of tenement houses from XIV, XVI, XVIII and XX centuries.The capsule was prepared by a company from Lublin, Ideopolis, whose business focuses on the issues related to work efficiency and increasing it by means of one's own innovative tools.

During CeBIT trade fair, SIM Ltd., a company of engineers from Lublin which is present in Asian, American and European markets, will present one of its systems named µComprec.  The system is mainly sold for the needs of secret services in multiple countries.  Additionally, SIM Ltd. will try to draw the visitors to Intelligent Building System Domatiq and the Centre for Technical Supervision Comatiq, both fully created by SIM specialists.The quality of products offered by the company is supported by the awards it receives for innovative solutions, by scientific research in cooperation with universities, and many other projects.

Corab company from Olsztyn is engaged in satellite technology - production, distribution and worldwide satellite platforms service.Corab is a leader in this field in the Polish market, also holding a significant position in the world markets.The main company business is the supply of equipment for reception of coded and uncoded satellite channels.During CeBIT trade fait, Corab is going to present a whole range of satellite solutions it offers.

Still another interesting company from Eastern Poland is Teledirect located in Kielce.The company's business is the implementation of telemarketing processes and providing telephone customer service.Additionally, Teledirect deals with the implementation of call centre technologies and solutions, and it is also the author of IT software used to run the virtual call center.At the Hannover trade fair the company is going to present interactive solutions and applications for call centers.

Products of other companies from Eastern Poland operating in the field of new technologies will be also available during CeBIT in Hannover.ITM company from Olsztyn will present itself at the fair; its main business is designing, implementing, as well as maintaining and upgrading IT systems for the furniture industry.E-Studio Software from Lublin is the producer of software dedicated to support the business processes carried out by business entities, or by the administration.

The scope of activities of Partners In Progress, another exhibitor at CeBIT, includes the production and implementation of advanced information systems.ERP class system designed to manage higher education facilities is the fastest growing product of the company.
FEB (Fabryka e-biznesu) from Rzeszow is a modern creative agency specialized in brand building and delivering innovative solutions, whereas Infinite from Lublin creates solutions aimed at supporting strategic areas of business.  Infover from Kielce is i.a. the manufacturer of business management software - Insygnium System - which supports medium and big-size trade companies; Enformatic from Rzeszów designs and manufactures software for Windows, Web and mobile platforms.  The last of the companies exhibiting at the fair is Nettom from Olsztyn whose operation is related to creating IT, CRM, ERP, e-commerce and SEO systems, as well as producing mobile applications, solutions for business.

International CeBIT Trade Fair will be held in Hannover on March 5-9.This year, Poland is the fair partner country thanks to the agreement on cooperation between The Ministry of Economy and DeutscheMesse, the fair organizer.

The participation of companies from Eastern Poland Macroregion at CeBIT trade fair is organized within the scope of Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, realized as part of Development of Eastern Poland Operational Programme Priority I, Operation I.4, Promotion Component.

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